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ESPN Experts Hate the Pacers

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ESPN has uveiled their NBA team previews with a thorough look at each team including an expert panel review of the team, preseason video highlights, and an NBA Dish podcast preview from Chad Ford. Oh, and what is that? Ah, yes, they even include a little question for the GM from a blogger. Big ups to Henry Abbott for including Indy Cornrows in the Pacers' preview.

So what did we learn from the expert panel? Well, the Pacers stink and should expect to finish in last place in the Central Division. Obviously, they haven't been watching magical season that's been brewing behind the scenes in the preseason. Ric Bucher gave the Pacers the most love as the only one to pick them to finish 4th instead of 5th in the Central.

CENTRAL: 4 | EAST: 13  I know a high-ranking NBA official who sees them in the playoffs, based on the addition of coach Jim O'Brien. Does the league drug-test its front offices? Because what the Pacers don't have are enough Jim O'Brien-type players. Move Jermaine O'Neal already and get on with the rebuilding.
Yep, that's the best comment I could find in the preview. I guess I value the opinion of a "high-ranking NBA official" over the league analysts, so that's positive. Also, part of Chad Ford's podcast laid out a positive scenario should all go right for the Pacers.

The negativity is no surprise and at this point just serves as fuel to propel the Pacers in forcing the Eastern Conference to take notice.