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Reggie Miller Talks Pacers and NBA With His TNT Partners

Michael Tillery from The Starting Five took part in a roundtable teleconference of some TNT NBA talkers. Doug Collins and Marv Albert were involved, but Reggie Miller stole the show. Yes, I'm biased but just read the thing, Reggie dominated with several quick witted quips. I really enjoyed Collins and Reggie discussing the dark side of the 3-ball. Sorry, I still love the 3-ball. Reg also weighed in on the Pacers prospects this season.

Miller on the Indiana Pacers' upcoming season: "I think the keys (to the Indiana Pacers) are (forward/center) Jermaine O'Neal and (point guard) Jamaal Tinsley. If they stay healthy, if Jermaine plays 65 games they'll win 41-47 games. If he plays less, it's going to be a struggle for them. (O'Neal and Tinsley) have to buy into (new head coach) Jim O'Brien's system. If they buy into the system, the rest of the (Pacers) will follow."
Winning 41 to 47 games sounds great right about now. Hopefully, both J.O. and Tins cross that 65 game threshold.

<sniff, sniff, sniff> You smell that? Yep, I'm picking up the scent of the NBA regular season. One week from tonight, the Pacers take on the Wizards at the Fieldhouse for a game that counts. To steal a phrase from Marv Albert...YES!