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Preseason Open Thread #7: Pacers vs. Timberwolves

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The Pacers head up to Minnesota tonight for their penultimate preseason game against the T'Wolves. Here's a little something from Bruno to get you in the mood. He looks at at the struggles Danny Granger has had adjusting to O'B's offense. It does appear at times that Granger hesitates before shooting or making a move, as if thinking, wait, did I dream the whole O'B coaching change and is it really okay if I jack up this shot.

We also learn O'B is going to run the final two games like regular season dress rehearsals as far as playing rotation. Murphey and J.O. probably won't be involved, but everything else should run as planned. He's even sitting Shawne Williams to allow the team to prepare to play without him for the first three regular season games.

Mike Wells takes a look at the four new Pacers with plenty to prove. Hopefully, Kareem Rush will get healthy enough to put that chip on his shoulder to good use on the court.

If you have any thoughts on the game, leave them here in a comment.