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Pacers Weekend Review

The regular season is tantalizingly close, but not close enough. With ten days to the opener I've had enough preseason games. We know what good looks like for the Pacers and it is not only good but incredibly entertaining. We also know what bad looks like and it has the same ingredients as usual -- injuries, poor shooting, turnovers. Of course, that just certifies that the Pacers are an NBA team.

The injuries continues to nag at the hopes of a good start to the season. J.O. may give it a go in the next preseason game on Tuesday at Minnesota. Personally, I'm fine with locking J.O. in a hyperbaric chamber until October 31st to make sure he's as healthy as possible.

After watching the Bulls beat the Pacers I think kester covered any worthwhile thoughts. Here are some links from the game and other stuff.

  • Here are some post-game quotes from Jim O'Brien, Mike Dunleavy, and Shawne Williams.

  • Mark Montieth has the goods on the clankfest from Chicago.
  • While we're all a bit giddy and still getting used to all of the shot attempts, O'B would like to more good shots amongst the volume.
  • Here's another Pacers Insider videocast with Montieth and Wells.
  • Old friend Peter Vecsey always has an eye on the Pacers. Vecsey's latest column mentions the rising stock of Marquis Daniels.
    Just one long glance at Marquis Daniels and I'm convinced either Danny Granger or Mike Dunleavy will lose their starting spot. Vigorous and versatile after a season plagued by in jury, there's every reason to believe he'll be the Pacers second leading scorer be hind Jermaine O'Neal.
    I can get behind that last statement, but I'd prefer to see Quis continue to come off the bench. Can you say, Sixth Man of the Year? I kind of like the idea of Dunleavy and Granger starting the game on probation. If they're not bringin' it, Quis will be sitting at the scorer's table waiting for them. Plus, the Pacers have to win with depth, so having the talent boost off the bench helps even it out throughout the playing rotation. My opinions aside, it is really nice to see someone not closely following the Pacers, let alone a national media voice, noticing Quis.