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Preseason Open Thread #6: Indiana Pacers vs. Chicago Bulls

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Not sure if I'll be home in time to follow the first part of the game tonight. Needless to say, this is one of those games where the Pacers face a talent deficit. Hopefully, the Bulls will try to rest some of their arsenal.

The Pacers won't be at full strength after the double OT effort and a few injuries. There was some good and bad reported after last nights game.

The Good
The players that did play last night left it all out there and pleased Jim O'Brien.

"I think the harder you work, the tougher it is to surrender," O'Brien said. "These guys have worked very, very hard and I fully expect them, and they expect, to never quit on a game. I expected to come back. I expected to have a chance to win that game, and we did."
The Bad
This Pacers Notebook leaves us concerned about Troy Murphy and Jermaine O'Neal with the regular season fast approaching. I can't help but think these two are going to be battling the lingering injuries, AGAIN. Yeesh.

Also, looks like O'B is set on Diener, Foster, and Daniels coming off the bench. Whatever minutes are leftover are still up for grabs.

Please leave your comments on the game here.