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Waiting On The Pacers vs. Timberwolves

Here are a few items of interest.

  • Here's a nice story about Jermaine O'Neal and a friend he likes to hang with whenever he has a chance.
  • Learn more about J.O.'s journey to the NBA.
  • We learn from this story by Mike Wells that Jim O'Brien is far from "gruntled" and won't be until the defense shows some improvement.
  • Our old friend Al Harrington is still proving he's a good fit with Golden State.
  • Here is a leftover item on Michael Conley's tough return home. Loved this quote.
    "You don't really get the sense of it until you come out here and play against them," he said. "I've been watching Jamaal Tinsley play, growing up here in Indianapolis, but to come out here and play against him is a totally different feel. You can watch it on TV and think he's not that quick, but you get out here on the court and he's an animal."