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T'Wolves 113, Pacers 110: Reserves Make A Run At Win

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While resting a few players, the Pacers who did play appeared tired in the first half. But, this is O'B ball so you can't give in. Keep working the plan and battling and good things will happen. Lead by reserves the Pacers erased a 21 point half time deficit but eventually lost in double OT, 113-110. Should be a tired bunch for tomorrow night's game at Chicago. But, about tonight.

  • Jermaine O'Neal, Troy Murphy, and Kareem Rush did not play. Stephen Graham didn't play until he was pushed into action in overtime when Marquis Daniels fouled out.
  • The Pacers didn't shoot too well, but they did get off 112 FGAs. FGAs have become my new favorite stat. More FGAs than points scored, that can't be good.
  • Travis Diener played quite well throughout the second half and overtimes. He missed an open 3 to win the game in regulation and another one to tie at the end of the second OT. Still missing Reggie...
  • David Harrrison was an absolute beast in the second half, blocking shots, making hustle plays. Unfortunately, one of those hustle plays had him flying into the Pacers' bench and hurting himself again. Hopefully we'll see him before Christmas. Really frustrating when he flashes some basketball brilliance.
  • Critical free throws misses killed the Pacers.
  • Tinsley, Dunleavy, and Granger played most of the first half and then shut it down early in the second half. Granger continued his poor shooting and Dun matched him with a 3-13 night. Tinsley played well in the second quarter keeping the P's within striking distance.
  • Big ups to Jeff Foster who started the game and played about 48 minutes, finishing with 12 points and 20 boards. He ought to be mush tomorrow night.
Overall, a poor night turned into something to build on. They reacted well to the horrific start and worked their way to the end. I'm sure the crowd was small, but you could hear them really getting into the game and appreciating the effort they were watching.

The Pacers head to Chicago for what looks like a daunting task tomorrow night against the Bulls. Hopefully they'll have enough healthy bodies to get through the game.