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Conley Starts Picking Up the Tab

Here's a nice article on Mike Conley, Jr. and his return to Indy tonight as an NBA point guard. Less than three years ago he was wrapping up his Lawrence North career leading the Wildcats to their third straight state title. Now, he has started paying back Coach Keefer for pushing him back in the day (well, not really back).

Mike Conley Jr. has purchased a house on a golf course, is driving a Range Rover and even has enough spare cash to take his former high school coach out to lunch.
"The bill came and I started to reach for it, and he said, 'Coach, let me take care of that,' " Keefer said. "I said, 'Since you're a millionaire, go ahead.' He sheepishly paid for it and said, 'I think that's the first time I bought a meal for anybody.' "
Coach Keefer should hold out for dinner next time. I love Conley and can't wait to see his game mature at the NBA level.