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Pacers 122, Gizzlies 115: OK, This Is Getting Ridiculous

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[Disclaimer: Preseason performance is not indicative of future results. Neither the Indiana Pacers nor Indy Cornrows guarantees any specific outcome, wins, playoff runs or championships. You should be aware of the real risk of loss in following any NBA franchise discussed on this website. You must make an independent decision regarding investments of time and energy or strategies for attending games by any NBA franchise mentioned on this website.]

The Pacers ran all over the Fieldhouse Wednesday night and outscored the Grizzlies, 122-115. I still have to slap a disclaimer on any excitement over the 4-0 preseason, but that doesn't mean I'm not excited. I could drop bullet points all night about this game, but I have an early wake up call so I'll try to contain myself. One thing is for sure, the transformation into an uptempo team is no joke. The Pacers couldn't look much better offensively considering they're implementing a completely different style of play. The moving parts have been beautiful and you're even seeing sweet dimes dropped by Jermaine O'Neal and Jeff Foster within the flow of the offense. It is refreshing to get upset over a missed wide-open shot instead of a mindless turnover. What else...

  • I have to get used to all this scoring. The Pacers have score 30 or more points in 6 of their last 12 quarters of play. Oh, and they scored 29 in 2 of the 6 sub-30 point quarters. (head shaking slowly)
  • The Pacers had 5 players in double figures including a classic 22 point, 11 rebound double-double from J.O.
  • Turnovers were down tonight (only 11) which is pretty solid when you're throwing the ball around to get off 94 FGAs
  • Wait, did I just casually throw in 94 FGAs in that last bullet. 94 FGAs! Oh, and don't forget 41 of 48 from the free throw line. Seriously, what is going on here!
  • After the game, Marquis Daniels claimed his knee feels good which is nice to hear after a 24 point, 9 rebound, 4 steal effort. Looks like he's picked up right where he left off prior to the injury last year. If you haven't seen the fabulously strange game of Quis, you don't know what you're missing.
  • After the game, O'B mentioned that Quis had 11 deflections (getting his hands on the ball to at least disrupt the Griz offense if not outright lead to a turnover) on defense in the final 15 minutes of the first half. The team had 30 deflections in the first half. Unfortunately, they couldn't sustain the effort on both ends of the floor in the second half. Memphis scored 73 points after the break. Ouch!</</li>
  • Mike Dunleavy had another great effort. The guy was made for this type of system. He's constantly moving and always seems to make the right play whether it be a pass, shot, drive, or clearing out of the way.
  • Stephen Graham had some nice spot minutes off the bench. Graham does so much and shoots well enough that Kareem Rush is going to really have to step up his game to get some burn.
  • The Grizzlies obviously looked horrible in the first half and lost Pau Gasol for the game when he turned an ankle. Makes it easier to temper the enthusiasm for the Pacers.
  • Hakim Warrick is Stacey Augmon 2.0. The guy had an insane Plastic Man dunk in the first half that stunned J.O. who considered defending him before he took off.
  • This may be the last full dress rehearsal before the opener on Halloween. Although, it appears the team is having so much fun playing, O'B may have a hard time convincing guys they should take the night off.
Please hit the comments with your impressions of the game. I'm wondering if I'm the only one getting geeked for the regular season.