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Tinsley Admits It Was Hard to Show Up Last Year

Jim O'Brien's straight talk is rubbing off on Jamaal Tinsley. In a taped comment played in the fourth quarter of the telecast, Tins laid out the truth about how unhappy he was last year.

Being here seven years, you know, I'm blessed to be a professional athlete, to be in the NBA, so I take nothing for granted. You know, basketball is fun. It wasn't fun last year. It was like sometimes you don't want to show up, but it's your job and you should never think like that when it's a sport and your getting paid lots and lots of money to do it, and sometimes that's how I felt.
Thanks for clearing that up, Tins, because you seemed like a shell of your former self at times last year. Hopefull, Jamaal will have plenty of fun this year.

Honestly, when I saw Travis Diener starting tonight, meaning Tinsley hadn't made it back to town, my first thought was, uh-oh. But then he checked in a short time later and I thought, you know, I don't see him making the effort to get back for this game last year. He had a valid excuse to take the night off, but instead he took care of his personal business and hustled home to be there for his team and contribute 14 points, 7 assists in over 26 minutes of play.

I'm telling you, something strange and very interesting is brewing down at the Fieldhouse. I'll let you know if that strange brew turns into something truly special.