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Waiting on the Pacers vs. Grizzlies

While waiting impatiently for another preseason look at the Pacers, here are a few items of interest.

  • Bruno has a preview article with O'B's assessment after three games. As usual, I love what I hear.
    "Even though 3-0 is good -- it's better than being 0-3 -- we're objective," O'Brien said. "Forget about the record, where are we in our preparation for the regular season? From that standpoint, if you just forget they're keeping score and just evaluate what you see, frankly, that's more important than the record. But it's nice to be 3-0 and it's nice to put points on the board and give our fans a chance to see an offense I think is very entertaining; we run, we shoot, we drive, we pass, we cut. We just have to get our defense together. We're making strides. It's just not as far along as we'd like it to be."
  • Mike Wells takes a shot at setting the Pacers playing rotation. Obviously, the key spots up for debate are Diener or Owens at PG and Graham or Rush at SF. I'm  assuming Diener will get the nod most nights, but really, why not base the time on the match up. Actually, that should be the case with both positions. Need to focus on defending the point? Andre Owens is your man. Need some points in a hurry? Call on Kareem Rush. But, generally when all things are equal, I agree that Graham and Diener will get the first crack at those backup minutes.
  • Ball In Europe is keeping an eye on Stanko Barac (ht: TrueHoop) and his travels through the Euro hoop land. Sounds like LJL isn't the only one enamored with his game.
  • Mike Wells knows how to raise my heart rate, just check out this headline. My thoughts and prayers are with Tins for the loss of his friend.
  • Don't miss kester's diary post for a nice analysis of why the Pacers might finish far better than anyone else thinks possible.