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Pacers 117, Hornets 104: Pacers Keep Rolling Through Preseason

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[Disclaimer: Preseason performance is not indicative of future results. Neither the Indiana Pacers nor Indy Cornrows guarantees any specific outcome, wins, playoff runs or championships. You should be aware of the real risk of loss in following any NBA franchise discussed on this website. You must make an independent decision regarding investments of time and energy or strategies for attending games by any NBA franchise mentioned on this website.]

Yeah, I know, it's preseason. But, come on, don't tell me the Pacers' first three games haven't raised your interest. On Monday night, the Pacers ran away from the New Orleans Hornets, 117-104. The top of the rotation checked out after the third quarter when the score was 99-74. Yep, 99 points after three. Now, maybe the Hornets just stink so the two W's against them shouldn't impress anyone. But, Marc Stein had the Hornets ranked 16th and sneaking into the playoffs. That's 13 slots higher than he ranked the Pacers. Regardless of the preseason setting, once the players are on the court they aren't taking it easy. So what's not to like about putting up some W's and more importantly, playing a brand of basketball that is exciting.

The numbers in the box are so fun to pore over. Check out the 37 thrid quarter points, 42-32 rebound advantage, 7 players in double figures. 22 turnovers doesn't excite me but those numbers are at least understandable as the team tries to push the pace and sometimes forces it instead.

This was the first game Tinsley, Dunleavy, Granger, Murphy, and O'Neal were able to start together. Not a bad result since all five finished with double figures.

Travis Diener appeared to be the back up point guard, but once Andre Owens checked into the game he did plenty to impress, again. I think the two diverse games of Owens and Diener will allow some situational playing time at the point.

Ike Diogu helped bring the win home after the Hornets made a little run in the fourth quarter. He finished with 19 points making all 7 of his field goal attempts.

Jeff Foster didn't play much and Marquis Daniels joined David Harrison on the bench resting an injury.

The Pacers return home Wednesday to play the Memphis Grizzlies with Lawrence North's Mike Conley, Jr. Should be fun, so don't be afraid. Give this Pacer team a chance to suck you in and invest a little emotion in some good basketball at the NBA level. Who knows, you just might make a nice return on that investment.