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Preseason Open Thread #3: Indiana Pacers vs. New Orleans Hornets

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After that last post, I'm sure the Hornets will thump the Pacers by 20 plus tonight. Hey, I didn't say all the clouds had cleared. Check out Bruno's Caught in the Web for some comments from O'B and Jermaine O'Neal on the less than lofty expectations for the Pacers. Also, there's this classic note about the complexities that make up Stephen Jackson.

As if we didn't know already, we now have an admission from the man himself that there are indeed two Stephen Jacksons. As he told the San Jose Mercury News, there's "Steve," the good guy away from the court and popular teammate in the locker room, but there's also "Stack Jack," the one that tends to lose control at times. He explained the basic difference between the two: "When we need a guy that makes stops, when the other team's on a 10-2 run and we need a guy to get a bucket, I want to be the guy that comes through to get a bucket and kill that run. If somebody puts a flagrant foul on Baron (Davis), I want to be the guy that puts a flagrant foul on their key player. I'm still that same guy." Or guys.
If you have any comments on the game please leave them here.