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Waiting on the Pacers at Hornets

Here are a few items of interest to ponder while waiting for the Pacers game tomorrow night at New Orleans.

  • As the current Pacers look for a fresh start, Mark Montieth marked the anniversary of the original fresh start. Sunday was the 40th anniversary of the Pacers first ABA game and the beginning of professional basketball in Indy. Excellent read!

  • Mike Wells delves into Danny Granger's game and mindset heading into the season. We also learn that Marquis Daniels is doubtful for Monday's game in New Orleans.

  • This news item on its own isn't much, but the shocking part is a national voice with strong NBA creds actually said something good about the Pacers. I'm a huge fan of David Aldridge and happy he has a column now in Philly. For the record, he likes the Kareem Rush signing.
    Kareem Rush, guard, Indiana. For some reason, Rush has fallen off the NBA radar the last couple of years, going from the Kobe-Shaq Lakers teams to the Bobcats - where he played well but got into some kind of spat with Bernie Bickerstaff - to Lithuania, where he surfaced last season. Someone with a shot as good as Rush's needs to be in the league, and the Pacers, smartly, scarfed him up.
  • Here's the recap of the Sonics game from Mike Wells. O'B has us looking at crazy numbers already. I loved his stat from the first game where the Pacers scored on 15 of 23 possessions when they shot within 6 seconds. Now we're looking at 101 FGAs in a game.
    "Anytime you get 101 field goal attempts and a 2-to-1 turnover-to-assist ratio, it's some positive things," O'Brien said. "I like the way we were pushing the tempo. . . . I don't recall having 101 (attempts) at Boston or Philadelphia, so 101, you don't see that too many times in a regulation game."
    I don't think the Pacers had 101 FGA before Thanksgiving last year. More entertaining? Uh, yeah, if nothing else, this year will be fun.

  • Finally, don't miss the first Pacers Insider Video of the year. Mark Montieth and Mike Wells share their impressions of O'B's practices and impact on the team. My only complaint is the closing comment that they will be back in a week or two. Or two? Come on, guys! Feed the beast. We need the insider knowledge at least once a week.