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Pacers 97, Supersonics 87: Solid Preseason Workout

The Pacers used another fast start to propel them to a 97-87 preseason win over the Seattle Supersonics. Jermaine O'Neal was able to get the doctor's approval to play, while Jamaal Tinsley took J.O.'s place in civis while resting his shoulder.

Much like the opening win, the Pacers were worth watching tonight (hey, I don't ask for much). As Quinn Buckner mentioned he likes the ball movement by the Pacers but the people movement is the key. So true. After years of stand around and pound through a two man game, watching the Pacers moving around and getting open shots is a pleasure. In fact, I couldn't believe all the wide open looks the Ps were getting. Of course, they still have to knock 'em down and they struggled with that at times tonight. But, the bottom line is there were more positives than negatives to tally up when the final buzzer sounded. I even detected a bit of a buzz among the small crowd that sounded like they were appreciative of the effort and what the Pacers were doing on the court.

What else? Andre Owens and Travis Diener did a nice job holding down the point. Owens aggressive style of play (even after getting a couple of stitches) really gets me excited. And, of course, when Diener is pulling up on the break, four seconds into the shot clock and splashing a 3-ball, I tend to rise out of my seat.

The Supes have some entertainment of their own to offer. None, more so than Kevin Durant. Wow! Durant came out smokin' and looked like he could've gone off for 40 if this was a regular season game. He seems to be playing the 2 guard and showing everything we ever hoped to see from Jonathan Bender.

Oops, sorry, don't look back. We're moving forward and for the Pacers that means camp contiues until their next preseason game on Monday at New Orleans.