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Indiana Pacers News and Notes

Here are a few items of interest to Pacer fans.

  • More O'B love, at least for those of us looking for a culture change around the Pacers. Great story about O'B's attention to detail, including removing any lounging elements out of the locker and meeting rooms. No complaints from the players...yet. It will be interesting to see who will get the first fine for being late.
  • Listen to O'B for yourself, in this interview with Bruno.
  • This TrueHoop post discusses former Indiana Mr. Basketball and Pike High School star, Justin Cage and his recent release by the Chicago Bulls. Justin will go on a "business trip" to play this year in Slovenia. I always loved Cage's game as well. He's one of those guys who would be a star if he was 3 or 4 inches taller. I like the comparison to Bruce Bowen and hope the Pacers keep an eye on him for a future look. Like another local, Andre Owens, Justin will never let you down with his effort.
  • Here's another not-so-glowing preview of the Pacers season.