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Dunleavy Lovin' O'B's Motion Offense

According to O'B, Mike Dunleavy's performance in the preseason opener was no fluke. In fact, it sounds like Dun just continued the consistent effort he's shown throughout camp.

"He had a hell of a (game)," said Coach Jim O'Brien. "That's the way he's practiced. He is absolutely made for our passing game - absolutely made for it. And he's made for it more than anybody. He just knows how to move and he just does a lot of things."

Though there was some pre-camp speculation Dunleavy might be better suited to a reserve role, O'Brien has given him a strong vote of confidence and intends to pair him with Danny Granger in the starting wing positions. Dunleavy, who has favorably compared O'Brien's offensive system to the one Mike Krzyzewski employed at Duke, responded with a very strong training camp and followed that up with his impressive outing against the Hornets.

The Pacers continue their preseason schedule against No. 2 NBA Draft pick Kevin Durant and Seattle Saturday in Conseco Fieldhouse at 7 p.m.

Without Dunleavy's fast start, the Pacers might've found themselves in a big hole against the Hornets. He scored 15 of the team's first 21 points and shot 6-of-8 in the first quarter. The rest of the team totaled 12 points on 3-of-18 shooting. Clearly, Dunleavy's a good fit for O'Brien's more aggressive offensive approach.

Hearing that Dunleavy compared his system to that of Krzyzewski, O'Brien said it was "music to my ears."

"I just think this is going to be the perfect type of situation for him," O'Brien said. "I don't think any of his teammates were surprised with the game he had because that's the way he's practiced."
Can't get too excited until we see some regular season productivity, but if Dunleavy and Granger can raise their games up, the Pacers will indeed, surprise everyone around the League. Speaking of Granger, his poor shooting performance doesn't look that bad since he was playing with an eye infection.