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Pacers Ready to Run Into Preseason

Mike Wells has a nice look into the Pacers new offensive system as the prepare for tonight's opening preaseason game against the Hornets. So, just how will Jermaine O'Neal remain heavily involved on the offensive end?

"We're getting the ball to Jermaine, you're darn sure of that," O'Brien said. "We would never run at the detriment of your key offensive weapon. . . . I know what his capabilities are, and he's going to get plenty of touches."

The consensus around the organization is the faster pace will help O'Neal because the offense won't be as predictable and he'll avoid the constant beating in the post he took the past few years.

"I enjoy running up and down," said O'Neal, whom O'Brien praised last week for consistently beating wing players down the court. "The more we run, the better shape we're going to be in. It's also an opportunity for everybody else to have confidence. If everybody has confidence, I don't want to shoot every time. I've never been a volume shooter."
I think the better J.O.s teammates do running the offense, the more involved he will be. If the defense has to account for everyone else pushing the action and getting open looks, then they won't be able to focus on bogging down J.O. in the post.

We won't learn much tonight since J.O. might not play or play very little if he does. I'm heading home from St. Louis today and won't be able to see the game. I'll have to rely on Boyle to put the images in my head. If anyone goes to the game and can post their in-person impressions of the Pacers tonight, I'd love to read it.