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Diener Fighting For His Spot In Rotation

Mark Montieth shines a positive light on Travis Diener's camp, so far. I'll always be gun shy with the Pacers, but they are certainly due for someone like Diener or Owens (both would be nice) to come out of nowhere and offer up highly productive contributions. Jermaine O'Neal seems impressed with Diener.

"Oh, that's one of my main men right now," Jermaine O'Neal said with a smile following Monday's practice at the Fieldhouse. "He's very quick. Big-time shooter. His size isn't a factor. Sometimes you get small guys and it's a sore spot on your team, but he's one of those small guys who plays extremely hard on every possession.

"He fits right in to what we're trying to do."
The article also mentions Diener's exceptional play at the RCA Dome during the first two round of the 2003 NCAA Tournament. I just happened to be there with my buddy, Ice. Diener was indeed, incredible. But, one thing that sticks in my mind from those games was watching Dwayne Wade's talent sticking out while he was going through fundamental warm up drills. He was like a Lamborghini Reventón idling in the drive way. At the time, I only knew he was the best player on Marquette. In hindsight, it's no fluke that team made it to the Final Four.