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Pacers FanJam More About the Fans This Year

In years past, the Pacer FanJam was a fun event toward the beginning of camp that included a player intros, a scrimmage and some other fun activities with the players. Considering the Pacers are struggling to get people to go to regular season game, they decided to scrap the regular FanJam and instead created the Hoosier Basketball Celebration at the end of training camp. This event is billed as a way to kick off the hoops season for all Hoosier hoopers from grade school to high school to college and of course, the NBA.

One of the more interesting events is a dribble parade fom the Circle to Conseco Fieldhouse where they're hoping to set a World Record for most basketballs dribbled at one time. There won't be a scrimmage but I'm sure once everyone gets in the Fieldhouse there will be plenty of hype for the Pacers. There will be intros, a skills challenge, and more interaction with the fans.

A cynic may call it a hokey event, but I can tell you my family is stoked for this event. We've already pre-registered for the dribble parade and are counting down the days. Oh, and after this event, I guarantee my two boys will be fired up to watch the Pacers, again.