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Pacer Notes From Media Day

The Pacers met with the local media today on the eve of their first training camp practice. I'm assuming it was only the local media because nationally there is zero buzz for the Pacers. Even locally it is hard to scrounge up a story from the days events.

Never fear, Bruno provides some nice notes to keep us informed. We learned that Danny Granger is looking to raise his game after admittedly not being prepared for the prime time role thrust on him after the Golden State trade.

"Danny said one of the most honest things that I ever heard," O'Brien said of his offseason discussion with the young forward. "I thought he did a very mature evaluation of himself. He said, 'Last year when I came in I wasn't planning on being one of the top options offensively and as it turned out toward the end of the year sometimes I was the second option.'

"And the truthful thing he said to me was, 'I didn't prepare for that in the offseason. I didn't prepare to be a go-to guy. I didn't prepare to have to guard the other team's best offensive player.'

"And he said, 'That'll never happen again.' "
This rubbed me the wrong way initially as I wondered what the coaches were telling Granger. Certainly, they were hoping he'd emerge as a player heading into last year.

Looking at the roster, though, Granger may have been the fourth option at best to start the season. Plus, in his second year he probably had no idea what preparing like you're a first or second option would require. Until you go through it you don't really know. Well, Danny's been through it now, so hopefully his results prove he did indeed learn how to prepare.

What else did we learn:
  • Darrell Armstrong was officially released so the Pacers begin camp with 14 guaranteed contracts and 16 players on the roster.
  • Shawne Williams spoke about his missed court date last Friday and the no alarm/overslept excuse was all he could offer.
  • The Pacers will be running from the get go once practice starts tomorrow. While doing so they'll focus on O'B's three fundamental areas.
    "We'll probably meet hundreds of times this year," he said. "No matter what we talk about, it'll come down to those three things: protecting the paint defensively, attacking the paint offensively and when the ball's up for grabs, we want to get it."
    Ahh, basketball simplicity, nothing like it.
  • Jermaine O'Neal, David Harrison and Marquis Daniels all appear fit to begin camp. Only Jeff Foster's sore back is a concern to begin camp. Find some wood and start knockin'.
Something is actually happening with the Pacers so you know I must have to fly out to the Bay Area for work. I'll be out there the rest of the week but keeping tabs on camp news when I can. If anyone has some info to pass along, please add a diary with the goods.