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23rd Pick Tournament: Snell vs. Trade Up

In the first semifinals matchup of the day, we have Tony Snell of New Mexico facing off against the idea of trading Danny Granger to move up in the draft. Either one of these things would be helpful for the Pacers next season. Who will advance on?

NBA Draft Rumors: Jimmer coming to the Pacers?

According to ESPN's Chad Ford and Marc Stein, Indiana and Sacramento have been in discussions about trading the 23rd pick for Jimmer Fredette.

23rd Pick Tournament: Schroeder vs. Trade for Vet

This matchup is the best one of the tournament, by far. A colossal battle like this is finals worthy, but they meet a little earlier. Dennis Schroeder would be a major upgrade to the backup point guard position, while trading the pick is intriguing.

23rd Pick Tournament: Dieng vs. Trade Up

This matchup is a battle between the two titans of the tournament. Gorgui Dieng and Trade Up (Trade Danny Granger) have been destroying their competition by massive margins in the first two rounds. Who's run will end, and who will advance on?

23rd Pick Tournament: Ledo vs. Trade Pick for Vet

This matchup is another good one, as we wrap up the second round. Ricky Ledo, a player with star potential faces off against possibly trading the pick for a veteran. Both of these options make sense, but it is up to you on who moves on. Who wins?

23rd Pick Tournament: Jeff Withey vs. Trade Up

We now have started the second round of the Indy Cornrows 23rd Pick Tournament. This matchup is a good one to kick it off as we have a top defensive center, Jeff Withey, versus trading up by using Danny Granger. Who will advance to the quarterfinals?

23rd Pick Tournament: Goodwin vs. Trade for Vet

In this matchup, we have a choice of developing the talent, or trading it for an immediate asset who can help right away. This battle should be a good one, as it could be a close one in the polls. Who will advance on in the Indy Cornrows Tournament?

Pacers Rumors: Danny Granger for Brandon Jennings?

The newest trade rumor involving Danny Granger sends us to Milwaukee. According to Fox Sports Ohio, the Pacers are very interested in doing a sign-and-trade of Danny Grange for Brandon Jennings. Should the Pacers acquire Jennings this Summer?

Pacers Rumors: Danny Granger for Eric Bledsoe?

Another day, another Danny Granger trade rumor. This time though, the trade actually makes a ton of sense for both sides. Should the Pacers send their former franchise cornerstone to the Clippers for a package centered around Eric Bledsoe?

23rd Pick Tournament: Rudy Gobert vs. Trade Up

In the debut of Indy Cornrows' 23rd Pick Tournament. Draft writer, Evan Sidery analyzes the positives and negatives of drafting Rudy Gobert. Also, Evan looks at the possibility of trading Danny Granger to get into the lottery. Who should advance on?

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