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Core Competency: Keeping the Matrix and other musings

There’s always a lot of talk about who should stay and who should go during the offseason and other than the guys who didn’t play much, there’s an argument for keeping just about anyone on this M...


Déjà vu: the long way home

Once upon a time in the land of Big D there was a very good basketball team led by a big German giant named Dirk. Dirk’s team, the Mavericks, was an exciting offensive team that scored lots of...

Rick Carlisle Says the Offseason Goal for the Mavericks Is to Make it so That Dirk Nowitzki is Dallas’ Second Best Player


"Rick Carlisle joined 105.3 the Fan in Dallas to talk about getting a new contract, whether the season was a disappointment in Dallas, if he had a say in the strategy of the team at the end of last year, if he still hears from upset fans that the team chose not to make a stronger title defense, how active the team will be this offseason and how close the Mavericks are to the team where they need Dirk Nowitzki to be the second best player on the roster."

Who the heck is Julyan Stone?


UTEP's own Julyan Stone is expected to get his 2nd career NBA start tonight against the Dallas Mavericks.

Rick Carlisle, One That Got Away From New York Knicks


The Knicks could have hired Rick Carlisle as head coach back in 2008. They opted for Mike D'Antoni instead.

Dirk, Kidd, Chandler, Carlisle, Barea & Marion at LA Hotel


Story and videos from last week showing a relaxed Mavs team boarding their charter bus outside of team’s LA hotel. This took place prior to dispatching the defending champs in Game 2.

Today in Sports History: November 8th

40 years ago today, a man born without toes on his right leg kicked the longest field goal in NFL history.

Rick Carlisle remembers Mr. D


Rick Carlisle on Bill Davidson: "The world mourns," he said. "He was one of the really unique people in the history of American culture. I know that sounds like a wild statement but it's the truth....

Pistons host Mavericks


The Pistons host the Mavericks tonight at the Palace. Once again, this game won't be on basic cable, but at least those lucky subscribers with access to NBA TV will be able to tune in. Chauncey...

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