Indiana Pacers Stats

Indiana Pacers 2013-14 Player Review: Ian Mahinmi


Experiencing a bump in productivity following the signing of Andrew Bynum, can it be said that Ian Mahinmi provides an adequate return on investment for the Indiana Pacers?

Pacers need to get the ball moving


According to Rajon Rondo, the league's reigning assists champion, passing the ball is contagious. After evaluating league rankings, advanced stats, and Player Tracking data, what are the chances...

Indiana Pacers: Reassurance by the Numbers


Following, arguably, the Pacers worst loss of the season, some of the NBA community readied to sound the alarm. After taking a look at various advanced statistics and recent championship history,...

Pacers Still Lacking Depth


There is a real split in production for the Pacers starters against their bench units. Is this week the right time to tighten up their rotations?

Pacers Still Struggling Against The Top Tier


The Pacers record indicates a big turnaround, but the majority of those wins have come against lesser competition.

Should the Pacers Call Up JaJuan Johnson Now?


With the Pacers' frontcourt playing inconistently, is it time for JuJuan Johnson to get his second NBA stint?

Pacers Trading Usage For Efficiency


Danny Granger's absence means several Pacers have to step up, using for more offensive possessions than they have in the past. As their Usage has gone up offensive efficiency has gone down, putting...

Pacers desperately seeking points


There was a positive blip Friday night against the Mavericks but the Pacers' offense completely broken again Sunday against the Knicks. Where do the Pacers go from here?

Assessing the Pacers First Week


The Pacers took two of three from the Raptors, Bobcats and Kings during the first week of the season. Those three games were much closer than the Pacers hoped, but what does that tell us about the...

Statistics For Students: The K-12 Analytic Challenge


The unveiling of the K-12 Analytic Challenge, a project to get students involved with basketball statistics.


Indiana Pacers Playoff Preview


SBNatio Indiana Pacers Playoff Preview

Pacers Continue Trend of Feast or Famine


How have some of the top Pacers' lineups matched up against elite Eastern Conference Teams

How Tyler Hansbrough Got His Groove Back


A look at how the Pacers can create better opportunities for Tyler Hansbrough.

Pacers Still Searching For Depth


The Pacers are off to a great start, but their bench has been atrocious. How do they fix the problem over the second half of the season?

The Indiana Pacers and Third Quarter Success


The Pacers seem to be the better team in the third quarter, but do the numbers back that up?

IC Cold Links: Pacers Hit NBA All-Star Break In Good Standing


The Indiana Pacers will enjoy a few days off over the NBA All-Star break while sitting in third place in the Eastern Conference standings.

The Pacers' Pick-And-Roll, And Other Difficult Truths


The Pacers' have struggled in the pick-and-roll, a symptom of serious offensive problems.

Roy Hibbert, Working Quickly


Roy Hibbert is working quicker in the post, and it's made all the difference in his efficiency this season.

Development Ideas For Paul George


Where should we expect and hope for improvements in Paul George's game?

Indiana Pacers Trade Rumors Continue With Celtics' Rajon Rondo Now An Option


The latest trade rumor involving the Indiana Pacers includes a deal which would land the team point guard Rajon Rondo.

The Pacers' Power Forward Problem


Do the Pacers have a problem at power forward? Can it be reasonably addressed through free agency?

Clutch Scoring For The Pacers


Which Pacers were able to create their own shots in clutch situations, and do it efficiently?

What Does George Hill Bring To The Pacers' Offense?


What type of role might suit George Hill with the Pacers, and how will he fit with Lance Stephenson.

Looking at Lineups: Finding Minutes For What Works


How did Jim O'Brien and Frank Vogel manage their rotations for the Pacers' last season?

Statistical Query: Why Am I A Nene-Sayer?


Why Nene Hilario might not be a great fit for the Pacers.

Numeric Narratives: Wrapping It Up


A tearful but hopeful goodbye to the 2010-2011 Indiana Pacers' season

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