Indiana Pacers News

Pacers Slide in Power Rankings

Dropping three of their last four games and failing to score 90 points in each of those contests has resulted in the Pacers taking a tumble in the Power Rankings. Which teams have surpassed them? Could a victory over Miami change their lot?

Pacers vs. Heat: Can you sense the urgency?

The Pacers and Heat meet at the Fieldhouse to battle for a vital regular-season win against each other, while also looking to prove to themselves that they still got it.

Heat, Oden return to Indy ready for a playoff test

The Pacers and Heat have struggled of late playing as if they would like to fast forward to the playoffs. For that reason, both teams are looking forward to their huge regular season matchup on Wednesday which will include Greg Oden making his return

Roy Hibbert: Where you been, Dawg?

In the Pacers' two most recent games, Roy Hibbert has attempted a grand total of 10 field goals. What are some statistical causes for his disappearing act and lack of touches? Is their a remedy for what ails the Pacers and their All-Star?

Looking for offense: Screens for Paul George

Even in the month of March Paul George has shot well when he runs off the screens. See how the Pacer use different screens, and why they should use them more.

Links: Bulls keep Pacers offense sputtering

The Pacers never found their offensive rhythm at the United Center which left the Bulls dancing with delight while earning their win.


Pacers vs. Bulls: Game thread and more

For the second time in four nights, the Pacers and Bulls square off, this time at the United Center in Chicago.

Links: Pacers and Bulls ready to battle, again

The Pacers and Bulls meet in Chicago on Monday, three days after the Pacers beat the Bulls at Bankers Life Fieldhouse. With another win, the Pacers can clinch the Central Division but they'll have to improve their play on the road to do so.

Indiana Pacers: The 'Heat' is On

A look at this week's upcoming games, the current playoff standings, and an evaluation of the Pacers' potential postseason match-ups. Can the Jekyll and Hyde Pacers stay No. 1 in the East?

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