Celtics, Pacers, Timberwolves 3 team Trade.

We could orchestrate a 3 team deal with timberwolves and the celtics. I'd say something like

Pacers package:

1. Rajon Rondo

2. Gerald Wallace

3. Corey brewer

Total salary taken in: 27.7 million

Salary given up: 23 million (before the lance stephenson sign and trade).

Wolves Package:

1. Roy Hibbert

2. George Hill

3. Jarred Sullinger

Salary taken in: 24.3 million

Salary given up: 15.7 million (love's contract only)

Celtics Package:

1. Lance Stephenson - sign and trade at around $10-12 million a year

2. Kevin Love

3. Lavoy Allen

Salary taken in: Around $26-29 million depending on stephenson's contract

Salary given up: $24 million

Also I would probably throw our first rounder to one of those teams, and also a few other draft picks could be thrown around as well.

Another thing to note is each take in salary is conveniently around the same amount, with only the timberwolves accruing the most after the trade due to only letting go of Kevin Love.

Am I in dream land here?

Here are some points that support my case:

1. George Hill and Roy Hibbert were our worst players in the playoffs. I think they could do better in a different situation with a more offensive knowledgeable coach. George hill is used improperly. He's a natural scorer, just like he was at IUPUI. He is no point guard.

2. Roy Hibbert is like the 4th option on offense most of the time. He also was the victim of horrible entry passes into the post. The only guy who threw decent passes to him was Lance Stehenson. With a better point guard, Hibbert's offense will become a lot better. Him and Rubio would work great together.

3. Kevin Love plays "eh" defense. They were getting no where with Love, and Hibbert could bring an entirely different dynamic to their team.

4. Minnesota's roster is going no where at the moment. Like previously stated, they haven't been able to win with Love, and in 2 years, they'll have Hibbert and Hill's contracts off the books to explore free agency. Not to mention the high draft picks they'll receive throughout that short period.

5. Rondo reportedly asked for a $100 million extension. Rondo is a top 5 PG in the league any day, but he's 28-29 coming off of a major injury. No way he deserves that much. The Pacers will take him for a shot to win a title next year, and the Celtics will go younger by adding Lance Stephenson and Kevin love.

6. Celtics just signed Avery Bradley to a $8 million a year contract. He's no Rondo, but with his decent contract, financial flexibility will be available in the near future for the celtics.

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