Pacers Links: Where free agents LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony end up as important as any moves Pacers make

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Several NBA teams with plenty of money to spend continue in a holding pattern while waiting for big chips like LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony to land. At the other end of the league pay scale, the Summer Pacers don't play in Orlando after rallying for a win over Boston on Monday.

From a Pacers' perspective, where is the best place for LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony to end up playing for the next few years?

The Melo drama seems easy as ABC. Anywhere but Chicago.

The Bulls have great young and dynamic talent that could use a money man down the stretch. Melo would give them that when he walks in the door. Plus, the Bulls have been tethered to the monster contract of Carlos Boozer for the past few years, so if they can utilize that chunk of cap space for some actual consistent and big time production...well, I'd rather not think about it.

So when it comes to Melo and free agency, I'm suspending house rules that forbid rooting for the Knicks.

LeBron James is a different beast entirely. If he could land in the Western Conference, preferably with, I don't know, the Jazz, I'd be ecstatic. Problem is, any team he joins turns into a contender and rumors of his return to Cleveland and the Central Division would be worse than if he stayed with Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade in Miami.

The Heat signed Josh McRoberts and Danny Granger, but they haven't exactly filled in the gaps around their three stars from last season to make their return a no brainer. From the looks of Wade this season, I'd prefer LeBron to try and keep the band together in Miami because at this point they don't look any more daunting.

Unless overhyped trainer Tim Grover comes up with a new PED to rescue Wade's knees (and then shares it with Danny Granger), the Heat and more importantly LeBron will need more firepower.

Obviously, where Melo and LeBron land impacts the Pacers, and likely alters their thinking on any big moves they make. So what will you consider the best and worst scenario for Melo and LeBron considering the impact on the Pacers?

Also, the Summer Pacers do not play in Orlando today after their win over Boston on Monday. Check out all of the links.

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