The Five Stages of Pacer Grief

We have been wronged Pacer faithful, we have suffered a loss, starting with the turn of last year, the bumpy playoffs and an ignominious ECF exit. Right on through the ghost of a draft and now Lance leaving. The gathering of flotsam. Brothers we must unite and slog our ways through the stages of Pacer grief! A long and perilous journey betwixt the shoals of disaster and among the slings and arrows of misfortune...with some mixed metaphors along the way.

Isolation and Denial

Who needed Lance anyway? He's going to suck somewhere else besides Indy.
We were just a few plays and some offensive tweaks away from the finals and crushing the Spurs!
Our core is still strong and if they all ramp up their games, we are still the cream of the East.
If 20,000 faithful fans all say "shhhhhh" in hushed unison at the start of every game those voices in Roy's head will all go away.


Dammit Larry!! If you had just coddled Lance a little more!
If you hadn't left that one year when the FO screwed us up so bad!
It's that stupid huge screen in the middle of the fieldhouse, it killed all our luck.
If we just get Danny back everything will be alright, stupid CBA ruined everything.


Look, I will burn all my porn, just let them get to the Finals, I won't even go on Reddit anymore.
Just give coach Burke an offensive epiphany and let some plays drop into his mind.
If I tweak this voodoo doll just right maybe PG can learn to pass?


OMG we are going to suck! We might not make the 4th seed in the East.
With LeBron in Cleveland and Rose healthy in Chicago we might not even win our own conference.
We should blow up the whole team and tank for 3 years, get some number 1 picks, the drafts are going to be great the next few years.


Dammit Larry we are going to suck! Look we aren't all strong enough to make it to acceptance, some of us stay in the Iso and Denial stage...just leave me alone with my grief, we were so damn close!!!!!!

Go Pacers!!!

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