Paul George cashes in on All-NBA third team selection

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

A second consecutive All-NBA team before his rookie contract expires means Paul George qualified for some bonus cash on his max deal. But the financial isn't as bad as it could be for the Pacers.

The NBA announced the All-NBA teams on Wednesday which included Pacers forward Paul George as a third-team forward.

Of course, this announcement carries great meaning this year for the Pacers since it directly impacts the max contract George signed prior to the season which included a bonus tied to his selection to another All-NBA team. PG joins elite company by making an All-NBA team twice to qualifies him for an additional $7 million over the life of his five-year contract, bumping the total number to around $97 million.

That number isn't as high as it could have been which will actually save the Pacers around $1.8 million in cap room this year, which is critical since every penny counts (the actual numbers will be determined when the cap is set in July). Zach Lowe explained the details of PG's deal back in November.

The two sides struck an interesting compromise, according to several sources who have seen George's deal: If George makes an All-NBA team this season, triggering the raise, his salary will settle at 27 percent of the cap level, instead of the full 30 percent. That would set George's starting salary at about $15.8 million, given the league's projected cap for next season. That's about $1.75 million less than George could have earned had he fought for the full 30 percent.

Overall, the Pacers stand to save around $11 million over the life of PG's deal thanks to an early player option available after four years which will give George another shot at a max contract in the prime of his career. It also gives the Pacers a little more room to make a reasonable offer for Lance Stephenson this summer. Regardless, Geist isn't big enough for the boat PG can afford now.

As for the All-NBA teams, here is the list with Kevin Durant edging out LeBron James with the most votes as the only unanimous selection. Seriously, someone didn't include LeBron on the first team and that would be Chris Sheridan of I can't believe James Harden earned a first-place nod with his one-way play. Of course, he's been a dog so much against the Pacers I may be biased. Here are the three teams and vote tallies.

First team

F: Kevin Durant (625 points, 125 first-team votes)

F: LeBron James (623, 124)

C: Joakim Noah (551, 101)

G: Chris Paul (540, 86)

G: James Harden (502, 73)

Second team

G: Stephen Curry (489, 65)

G: Tony Parker (210, 14)

F: Blake Griffin (350, 5)

F: Kevin Love (237, 2)

C: Dwight Howard (226, 9)

Third team

C: Al Jefferson (191, 4)

F: Paul George (171, 4)

F: LaMarcus Aldridge (159, 2)

G: Goran Dragic (115, 1)

G: Damian Lillard (115, 2)

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