OKC - IND trade

If you view big Roy as a problem you have to look for a place to dump him. OKC is a place that may need a 27 year old Rim Defender who can go for 20 & 10 but is more likely to give you 12-7(Or 0 & 0). His value is in advanced stats like OPP FG% @ Rim.

OKC is the perfect destination spot. Why? they're close, they believe they are close to a championship, if Tim Duncan retires or if they can get over the hump they see themselves as year in and year out contenders. They've already made this trade before, when they brought in Kendrick Perkins. They appear to recognize the need for a half court rim protector. They also don't need Big Roy to score; like at all.

So what are we doing here?

Roy Hibbert for Steven Adams & Reggie Jackson(and all the filler they can dump).

Why? We're young, other than David west we've got some young pieces. Solomon Hill(23), Paul George(24), & Lance Stephenson(23). You want pieces in their prime together and I am afraid that when PG and Lance reach their primes Roy will be leaving his and David West will be certified old.

The Trade


Roy Hibbert (2 years ~30m, ~15 per)


Steven Adams (3 years, rookie deal, ~2 million per)

Kendrick Perkins (1 year , 9.1m)

Reggie Jackson (2 years, ~5.6m, ~2.5 & ~3.1)

Why we do this. You wanted rid of Roy? you got rid of Roy.

You brought back a young center playing in the NBA for the first time he averaged 3.3 & 4.1 in 14.8 minutes. You also netted a backup/potential starter at point guard. This would allow flexibility for the 'No Lance' crowd. We'd be able to slide GH over to the 2 and give Reggie Jackson some run. You also can dump GH3 if you retain Lance because you got another 6'3" point guard to put in his place.

In 3 playoff starts Jackson averaged 15.7 points, 3.3 assists, and shot 50%

Final Analysis:

OKC gets the Big Dawg (2 time all-star with All NBA defense) to add to a loaded starting line up. Which would then feature the rim defender they've coveted since trying and failing with Perk.

We get youth, flexibility, and a 1 year salary black hole with Kendrick Perkins.

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