Pacers offseason interest picks up in second round of NBA Draft

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Unless Larry Bird pulls off an unexpected trade on draft night, the Pacers front office will wait around until the 57th pick to see which players remain. But rest assured, there will be more to cover this offeason for the Pacers than the draft.

The NBA season is officially over courtesy of the San Antonio Spurs surgically slicing up the Miami Heat in the NBA Finals. Of course, for the Pacers the end came almost three weeks ago and after a little break to decompress and digest the nasty end to the season, it is officially time to dig into the offseason.

I can think of a few reason to enjoy seeing the Heat melt in San Antonio, but none more important now than the fact it puts Miami's future in limbo with LeBron James up for grabs and Dwyane Wade up for a big chunk of Miami's cap while playing like a smaller chunk of his former self.

If only the Pacers didn't have their own problems.

As the offseason unfolds, we'll continue following how the Pacers handle their future, but first up on the offseason docket is the NBA draft next week.

Sorry, I had to remind you.

Yes, the Pacers will spend the first round of the draft admiring a portrait of Luis Scola who represents the pick sent to Phoenix to acquire the veteran forward. Unfortunately, the crafty veteran was better described as old at key points in the season which makes the loss of that pick along with Miles Plumlee among the "all in" moves which didn't work for Larry Bird and the Pacers.

The Pacers do have a second-round pick, the 57th overall and have had several players in for pre-draft workouts. Historically, these workouts have failed to tip the Pacers' hand prior to the draft and with the second-round crew all bets are off. They've had big guys and small guys with a few wings as well. When you are picking so late, best player available is the best way to attack the crap shoot in hopes of finding a future role player.

The first workout appeared to put the third point guard spot in play with guards Keith Appling (Michigan State), Andre Dawkins (Duke), Jake Odum (Indiana State), and Scottie Wilbekin (Florida) at the Fieldhouse along with forwards James Michael McAdoo (North Carolina) and Ronald Roberts (St. Joseph's). The theme of the day was -- undersized.

Actually, that's how things roll in the late second round, players lacking something whether it is size, speed, strength and in many cases, NBA talent.

The second workout included more perimeter players highlighted by IU's Will Sheehey. The other players included Davion Berry (Weber State), DeAndre Daniels (Connecticut), Russ Smith (Louisville), Xavier Thames (San Diego State), and Kendall Williams (New Mexico).

Tyler Lashbrook at SB Nation ranked 60 draft prospects which included several of these players. Which of the players brought in so far would you like to see the Pacers take a flyer on?

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