Heat vs. Pacers Links: Pacers have to get right in Game 5 or they will stay home for good

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Down to their last chance, the Pacers need to focus on those things they can control, most importantly the ball in their hands, to attack the Heat and win Game 5 at home.

Foul trouble and turnovers, maybe not necessarily in that order, created more than enough problems for the Pacers in Game 4 to send them home down 3-1 to the Heat.

Paul George complained enough about the officiating to earn a fine from the NBA, but PG was also a main culprit in the turnover problems plaguing the Pacers. A look at the team-high five turnovers by PG reveals three wasted possessions after George attempted a one-handed, push pass off the dribble that was easily identified and deflected by the defense. The ball never came close to PG's intended target.

The other two donations came on attempts to hit covered big men, rolling through the lane. The needle was not thread.

Turnovers are going to happen in the course of a game and without a doubt against the pressure applied by the Heat when LeBron James begins roaming and they start trapping. That makes the turnovers like those by George, when he wasn't pressured into making passes, but instead didn't focus on making a good pass, a major problem.

The margin for error against the Heat is slim at best, and if the Pacers want to win Game 5 and try to gather some positive momentum, they have to minimize the self-inflicted problems.

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