Pacers Playoffs Links: With another off day to prepare for Hawks, Pacers have to commit to winning plan

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The Pacers have shown mere flashes of making things work against the Hawks in the first five games of their first round playoff series. With no more wiggle room, the Pacers have to rely on what works and commit to being on the same page for 48 minutes.

Anyone else wish the Pacers and Hawks were playing tonight? Here are a few thoughts to ponder with another off day before the Pacers and Hawks play Game 6 on Thursday night.

- Frank Vogel has to alter his playing rotation prior to falling behind by 20. Whether that means more Chris Copeland or less Roy Hibbert or both, the Pacers have had enough success and failure through the first five games to know how they can make the Hawks uncomfortable and what isn't working on their end.

The beauty of watching the second half of Game 5 with Copeland on the floor was how it opened up the rim for C.J. Watson, Paul George, David West and Lance Stephenson to get past their man to create open looks for themselves or a teammate whose man had to help. Now if they can convert better around the rim that would certainly help. I also like e George Karl's idea of using Hibbert against Elton Brand which would require staggering the rotation a bit.

Regardless of how the playing rotation shakes out, the Pacers have to show some resolve and commitment to the game plan, 1-12. If they aren't on the same page, nothing good will happen in Atlanta.

- The Pacers opponent for the next round is set after the Washington Wizards put down the Chicago Bulls on Tuesday in Chicago. Much like the Hawks, the Wizards spent the latter half of the season trending in the right direction and have all of the parts to be a major problem. Of course, a bigger problem for the Pacers is needing to win two more games against the Hawks to actually advance. For now they are just trying to survive.

- NBA commish, Adam Silver took strong actions against L.A. Clippers' owner Donald Sterling after his mistress exposed the racist mentality he's hasn't exactly hidden over the years. From a purely NBA view, this could have strong ramifications in the Western Conference. The Clippers under dysfunctional ownership have still put together a solid squad. With a fresh start blowing through the organization and the Lakers dipping through a down period, the right owner could alter things in the West for some time. It would be nice if the Clippers could maintain some crazy, thought so I heartily endorse Floyd Mayweather's efforts to buy the club. The NBA looked the other way on Sterling for all of those years, surely they can do the same for Mayweather's gambling habit.

Here is Herb Simon's comment on Silver's actions.

"I wholeheartedly endorse Commissioner Adam Silver's swift, strong and decisive action with regard to Donald Sterling. These past days have been both sad and disturbing for the NBA family. It is our responsibility to continue as models of the diversity and inclusion the NBA has long and justly represented."

Check out the links:


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