Pacers vs. Hawks Links: Pacers fade away when going gets tough in Atlanta

Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

The Pacers ran into a rough night on the road in Game 3 against the Hawks and their response to the adversity was far from championship caliber.

A gloomy, rainy Friday morning in Indy fittingly captures the mood of Pacers fans after enduring a frustrating Game 3 loss by the boys in blue. All road games in the playoffs are critical and this one was right there for the taking but the Pacers struggled to even put themselves in position to win it, let alone do what it took to win down the stretch.

This was not unlike several road losses towards the end of the season, but those didn't include the painful consequences since a favorable playoff seeding was a lock and there was hope for a playoff rebirth. Now the Pacers are two losses away from the season ending with another game in Atlanta on Saturday.

So many, "if only" moments in this one including the Jeff Teague out-of-bounds three ball which eventually broke the Pacers will. Not the actual shot mind you, but how the shot played out. I disagree with those that say if that play went in the Pacers favor, they still would've lost. After cutting the lead to six, the best defensive possession of the game had the Pacers momentum steamrolling in the right direction. They get that stop and the game is going down to the wire.

Now, because the shot didn't go the Pacers way doesn't give Indiana a pass for folding down the stretch. They still could've made a run to take the game to the wire. But the facial expressions of the players when Tony Brothers told them that, yes, Teague stepped out of bounds but no, they can't reverse the call spoke volumes. They were done. Suddenly moved into pity mode. Screwed on the road, what can we do?

Simply an immature response to playoff adversity.

There were plenty of other plays and culprits to point to with the "no guts, no glory" effort at Philips Arena where the Pacers will show up again for Game 4. Fight or flight, what's it gonna be?

This shot of Larry Bird alone should be enough to motivate the Pacers to fight.

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