Pacers Links: Pacers slide to second in East after loss to Spurs

Pat Lovell-USA TODAY Sports

After the Pacers were run out of the Fieldhouse by the Spurs, the Heat handled the Raptors which gave Miami the top spot in the East for the first time this season.

What has seemed inevitable for at leas a couple of weeks finally happened, so it came as no surprise to the Pacers  who were stung by the championship-level efficiency of the Spurs all night. This was no game for a team to try to get better, and despite a few strong stretches during the loss, they weren't close to getting better.

Following the game, the concerns about playoff seeding took a backseat to the bigger concerns about the struggles on the court which saw the Pacers score fewer than 80 points for the sixth time in seven games.

"I don't know if we're putting a whole lot of emphasis on the 1-seed, of late," Vogel said about losing the top spot. "We're focused on winning the next game and finding a rhythm. Seeding right now is the last thing on our team's mind."

Other players echoed those sentiments about being more concerned with their play than the top seed, conceding that they haven't done anything in the past month to deserve the top seed, so it isn't like they didn't see this day coming.

David West expressed his frustrations again but did give hope for getting back on track, stating the team had to change some things internally in the locker room before they can see the results on the court. He didn't want to offer any details but when pressed about their ability to "figure it out" West didn't hesitate.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah, absolutely, "West said. We've just gotta get back to the drawing board and figure it out."

Hey, that's better than the past, "I don't know" bewilderment from the players after their losses on the road.

Now the Pacers have to take advantage of a valuable day off before another home game on Wednesday against Detroit.

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