The Problem with every single player on this EMBARRASSING TEAM!

These are the problems I see from my couch when watching the Pacers. If you are looking for something funny, this is not it. I used advanced analytics for every one of these descriptions.

George Hill- Not aggressive/consistent enough. He has the ability to go off for like maybe 15 on a nightly basis, but he just doesn't shoot or take to the rim. I would like to see him make it to the rim off of at least 1 p'n'r this year, but I don't know if that'll happen

Lance Jr.- No one passes him the ball anymore... he also seems to be going for rebounds less and leaking out for a David West baseball pass that works out maybe 15% of the time. Not sure if Roy started moping to him about taking rebounds away after games, but he has to be aggressive on the boards, cus Roy is not that good of a rebounder.

PG- Stop shooting mid-range jumpers.......... Take it to the hole......... You are becoming Joe Johnson on offense........

David West- David's been great so far. I complained at the start of the season cus he just wasn't that good, but he's been bringing it... Only thing I see is that he hasn't been boxing out that consistently, but good job.

Big Roy- what are you doing with yourself? You used to go down low and gain good possession on your man in the post... now you stand around and shoot mid range jumpers all day. When you do back down, it looks weak as fuck... you just run into the guy and one of two things happen 1) You don't move, as if your shoulder hit a brick wall against the likes of Pero Antic and Jeff Adrien 2) You fall down for some reason.... Run down the floor and at least TRY to get good possession in the post, because you are showing you can't back down anyone when you have the ball right now. Your defense has suffered, but I'm willing to put some of the blame for that on your help guys, who have been awful.

Luis Scola- I don't think you're shooting enough. You were struggling with your injury, but now you look good again, so shoot that mid range jumper more. Never try and back anyone down, cus you can't. At least make an effort on defense... People complain about Cope, but at least he tries...

Evan Turner- You have an awful first step on d... You aren't very consistent, but I feel as though the main problem is that you aren't a great fit as the current rotation stands. We have NO 3 point shooters to space the floor in the 2nd unit rotation. I think you could be deadly off p'n'rs with cope, but he doesn't play... So idk.... if only you could shoot 3's.

Ian- Ian, I've never really liked you... But I do have to give it up for your recent string of good games... HOWEVER.... most of my respect went out the window last night when I saw you pull up for a wide open 7 footer and clank it off the rim with plenty of time in the shot clock.... Don't shoot any jump shots ever.

CJ- You have some awful decision making on fast breaks.... I can't stand to see you pull up for an 18 footer on a fast break.... You need some consistency... You have missed a lot of wide open 3's.... At least you aren't Augustin.

Rasual- You've been great. Even though you have proven yourself, I still don't trust you... In all honesty, I just think you need to bring something more to the table than 3 point shooting. This team isn't good enough to have a guy that's good at only one thing.

Cope- You are an angel... Why Frank won't play you, I don't know... Unlike Saul, you have a multi-faceted offensive game. You can drive and kick or finish at the rim. Although your help D is awful, you are a capable one-on-one defender. I am so sorry we tricked you into coming here; you deserve playing time.

Solo- Shut up, Rook.

Bynum- It's becoming obvious the only reason you are here is to prevent you from being on the Heat. I will be surprised if you even put on a uniform.

Donald Sloan- I'm up.

Vogel- You have always been stubborn with your lineups. If something isn't working, it won't start magically working with the same guys out there. Also, hire an offensive assistant, cus you have NO OFFENSIVE PLAYS. I'd love if we could run the weave everytime down the floor, but that honestly is like a high school/college play.

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