Rondo & how its possible to also resign Lance if we acquire him

First off lets imagine a team of
My god if that isnt the scariest team youve ever heard me goosebumps

Chemistry wise Idk how well it works that is why im torn on his acquisition. Id love for his talent to come to indy just not his attitude. But this is all hypothetical and in good fun. Although there are reports out there that we have been interested in the past and still are so who knows this is possible.

The way we can trade for Rondo and still keep flexibility for Lance this offseason is to trade Granger, Copeland, and Mahinmi plus the 2 first round picks that Boston wants for Rondo. Granger is an expiring contract who really wont contribute much for us or has at least shown he has lost a lot since the injury. Copeland and Mahinmi combined next year count for almost 8.5 mil against the cap and by sending them in the deal it rids of their contracts plus they are not going to contribute really this year anyway. Copeland never plays as it is and Bynum will replace Mahninmi. Rondo's contract is 12.91 mil and grangers is close to 14 so we save around 1 mil to go along with the 8.5 so that gives right at 9.5 to 10 mil to use on lance this offseason.

Now another trade that benefits the Pacers more in my opinion is not trading granger and instead trading Cj watson instead. his contract is 2 million and when you combine his with copeland and mahnimi plus the very little room under the cap we have it equals out to right around 13.3 million. That is enough to cover rondo's salary and not let us go over the luxury tax line. This way we are able to retain Granger's services throughout the playoffs in which case we just let his contract expire after the season ends and resign lance. This way we actually rid ourselves of Watson's contract because under this circumstance we would not need him if Rondo is acquired because it would make him the 3rd string point.

Although I have laid out this possibility and have only thought about it because of all the rumors ive heard, I honestly am torn on whether acquiring Rondo would be good or not. On paper oh hell yes please!!! But this team with its chemistry and everything it may just be better to keep who we have intact. The old saying is don't fix what ain't broken.

Honestly I truly believe we already made the move that will put us over the top and that is acquiring Bynum. I believe he will buy into our system and be a key factor in the playoffs.

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