Case Study: 24 point loss to the Suns

This is from It's an interesting case study on our 24-point loss to the Suns.

"There was much malaise after the 24 point loss to the Suns, but I would like to point out that there is not much cause for concern, as this game is simply an outlier. A statistical anomaly that would simply be thrown out in most analytical measures. Further, this is a game that even the best of teams have every once and awhile; basically there is nothing you can do to keep them from happening at some point. Even the best team in NBA history record wise had a hefty loss on their way to a blistering 72-10 record. A 32 point loss to the Knicks. A Knicks team that had at that moment a winning percentage of .574 compared to the winning percentage of .585 for the Suns prior to the game. This got me thinking about the possiblity and likely hood of other past championship winners and their outliers.

**Note, please excuse me for the lack of format in this next part...

-96-97 Bulls had two losses of 16 and one of 17, all the opponent finished with a winning percentage in the mid to high .600s...

-97-98 Bulls had 3 losses of 20+; 21 against the Cavs(.573), 27 against the Heat(.671), and 25 against the Lakers(.744)...

-98-99 Spurs (in the lockout shortened season) had a 26 pt loss to the Suns(.540) and a 14 point loss to the Jazz(.740)...

-99-00 Lakers had a 15 pt loss to Portland(.610), and an 18 and 24 pt loss to the Spurs(.707)...

-00-01 Lakers had a 33 pt blowout to Seatle(.537), a 21 pt loss to the Suns(.622) followed immediately by a 24 pt loss to the Kings(.671)...

-01-02 Lakers had two 16 pt losses (Nuggets[.329] and the Mavs[.695]) and three losses of 18(Twolves[.610], Spurs[.707] and the Celtics[.598])...

-02-03 Spurs had a 19 pt loss to Portland(.610), 24 pt loss to the Kings(.720) and the Mavs(.732)...

-03-04 Pistons had one loss for 21 points against the Sonics(.451)...

-04-05 Spurs had a 18 point loss to the Nuggets(.598), 21 point loss to Seattle(.634), a 22 point loss to the TWolves(.537) and a 36 point smack down by the Mavs(.707)

I am not going to list other champs and their outliers, but suffice to say, that nearly every championship team goes through these games, and we can deduce from that that every team goes through these games...

Moral of the story is there is no reason to be so down on this team... It is part of the normalcy in the NBA over the course of an 82 game season. Odds are against every team, that they will get smacked in the mouth every once and again. So stop and sit back and enjoy the ride this season... There is no telling how different it is going to be next year... Once this team is disbanded, I know that I am going to long for these seasons, and remanence on what we have before us...


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