If we don't trade him then Resigning Stephenson becomes almost impossible

In Jeri Favis wonderful and entertaining post one that is a recommended read, it makes one think how difficult it will be for the pacers to keep stephenson if he keeps up the way he is playing. Paul George is obviously our superstar but Lance Stephenson has obviously become Paul George's scottie pippen if you want to compare it to that. He is the Xfactor for our team and such an important reason to why the team sits atop the power rankings currently as the best in the NBA.

One blogger commented on Favis post named jrbpacers and posted this:

What Will It take to Keep him

T Evans got a contract for 11.5M/y
DeRozan 9.5M
J Henderson 6M
R Stuckey 8.5M
JJ Reddick 6.8
A Affallo 7.5
OJ Mayo 8
C Lee 5.5
K Martin 6.7
JR Smith 6.5
W Matthews 7.2

Pacers can only offer some where in between.

Lance is arguably better than most or all of these guys..

And I say there is no argument Lance is better than all of those guys no question or discussion. Paul George takes 18.2 shots per game whereas Lance takes only 11.1 shots per game, and also shoots a better FG% than PG. NBA executives will notice this and see his young age only 23 and think heck if we give him the freedom and amount of shot attempts PG does who knows. On his body of work and potential Lance will get an offer around the Evans contract mark my words.Especially if he performs greatly in the playoffs watch out teams with cap space will be salivating to get their hands on Stephenson. Already reports are out there that the whole reason the Bulls traded Deng is because they want Stephenson.

And this is where the "If we dont trade him then resigning Stephenson becomes almost impossible"

By Him I am not referring to Stephenson I am Referring to the then great but now awful signing of Chris Copeland. What a waste of a 2 year 6.1 million dollar contract for a SCRUB. He is the 5th SF in our rotation. PG, DG, Butler, Hill and even out of position Orlando Johnson will play SF before Copeland does, so he is possibly the 6th SF on our depth chart and we are paying him 3 mil to be this wtf. That 3 mil can be used towards Stephenson this offseason so somehow someway we must find a way before the trade deadline to ship Cope somewhere else. If we don't then we have to cut orlando johnson and/ or Scola moves I do not want to do. Hopefully we can. A trade that I feel as though can help both sides and be beneficial is Sending Copeland plus our 2nd round pick in next years draft to the Milwaukee Bucks for Ekpe Udoh. I feel as though the bucks would do this because besides Caron Butler they lack any SF depth at all. Udoh has fallen out of the rotation in Milwaukee and is an expiring contract. He is someone who could sit on the end of the bench for depth but he was also just the 6th pick in the draft a couple seasons ago and someone who can provide great depth if someone such as Ian Mahinmi sustains injury or something even more catastrophic occurs. But more importantly he is an expiring contract that matches the same salary almost as copeland so this trade would work and the bucks also get back a second round pick to help their rebuilding efforts in next years supposedly loaded draft. I dont know about the trade just a suggestion but what I do know is WE MUST TRADE CHRIS COPELAND BY THE DEADLINE!!!!

Even if Stephenson takes a discount to stay in Indy the money we save from copeland why couldnt we give to granger on a cheap 2 year deal around 3 mil a season just sayin

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