Pacers Links: Pacers getting plenty of exposure this week, including game tonight against Knicks

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

The Pacers have never shied away from telling people about their ultimate goal this season and now with a 30-7 record, a lot more people are listening.

The Indiana Pacers have been home all week with only two games in six days, so they've had plenty of off time to accommodate various media request, or in the case of Lance Stephenson, put together a fun All-Star campaign video.

- Paul George spent extended time on Jim Rome's Showtime show.

- Roy Hibbert had a fun interview with Keith Olberman.

- The George Hill show tipped off on WNDE.

- Pacers play the Knicks tonight on TNT.

- NBA TV is broadcasting a behind-the-scenes look at the Pacers called "On A Mission."

Repeatedly, their goals of beating the Heat and winning a championship are expressed. So are the Pacers talking too much?

Absolutely not!

The Heat don't need chatter from opponents to fuel their game. They need a healthy Dwyane Wade and a big man.

Besides, the Pacers have been talking like this -- and if you actually listen in context, rarely is the talk boastful, but instead just part of their expectations -- all year and have shown each of the past three years that they can handle the outside spotlight and higher expectations.

They feel their time is now so you might as well attack "now" with everything you have which includes hopping in the spotlight and enjoying the moment.

Plus, the Pacers have a strong media relations group (voted the best by the NBA) behind them advising and parsing out appearances while also keeping the young stars grounded, as best they can. Although, I have a feeling the off-day Stephenson video was a little free "Lancing" from the normal script. But it was certainly fun.

Of course, as we see in the links today, Larry Bird is more worried about turnovers than he is talking.

Check out the links:

Larry Bird warns Pacers about turnovers | Indianapolis Star |

▶ On a Mission: Indiana Pacers Trailer - YouTube

Twitter / NBATV: Want to see what the @Pacers are up to this season? On A Mission

Roy Hibbert: Draining Threes and Watching Game of Thrones - Keith Olberman Show YouTube

VIDEO: Paul George says Heat can't beat Pacers with homecourt -

Pacers’ competition in East starting to heat up - 1070 The Fan


Mike Woodson's tough approach with J.R. Smith and Knicks has backing of James Dolan, Steve Mills - NY Daily News

Woodson confident Carmelo will finish career with Knicks | New York Post

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