Which former player would help the current Pacers the most?


So the question posed today around SB Nation sites today is as follows: Which former player in his prime would most help the current Pacers team the most?

The Indiana Pacers are all in for a championship run this season, but that doesn't mean they couldn't use some more help to get over the hump. What if they Pacers could add any former player in their prime to the current roster? Which former player would be the best fit?

Take that question an chew on it for a bit. Feel free to show your age or youthful enthusiasm for certain legends that wore the blue and gold. There may be some names that are obvious choices but we're looking for overall best fit. Allow me to wade through a few names from the NBA past that would all be welcomed with open arms at BLF.

Reggie Miller - Duh. This exercise could easily begin and end with Uncle Reg. No only is a career killer at winning time, a skill the current crew needs in a hurry, but he also would fit in nicely as a shooting guard in place of Lance Stephenson with the current starting unit. His teammates would be a more dynamic version of the teams in the late '90's. Paul George is a next gen Derrick McKey with a more dynamic all-around game but the same foundation based on the defensive end. David West is a strong personality at PF ala Dale Davis but with the ability to score. Roy Hibbert is a more defensive-minded Rik Smits with developing offensive game. Yeah, Reg would enjoy running with these guys.

Antonio Davis - Of the Davis boys, AD seems like a better fit for this team as a strong front court addition to come off the bench and provide a hearty dose of defense and rebounding with the ability to backup both PF and center positions.

Chuck Person - The Rifleman would be a spectacular sixth man to bring off the bench for some instant offense. Yep, some teams actually get an offensive boost from their bench and Person would give the Pacers said boost along with a little extra swagger.

Mark Jackson - A true point guard might alter the approach Frank Vogel takes with the current squad, but Jax would always be able to find a way to fit and make thing work at BLF. Also could put George Hill into a Swiss army knife roll off the bench.

Now if we dip into the ABA, no doubt Roger Brown and Mel Daniels would be a bonus to bring back at full strength. For his bad assery and the ability to bolster the front court, I'd really enjoy seeing Daniels back in the fold.

So now it is your turn. Share your thoughts on the above players or any other former Pacers you'd think would fit well.

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