Changing my tone on the Copeland signing...But next is Rondo HMMM??

I actually like the Signing of Copeland now...He came cheaper than the reported asking price he was commanding. Were actually paying him less than Gerald Green. We do currently have a logjam at SF and it looks as if they plan on doing something about it. It is looking more and more likely that Danny Granger is expendable with this move of signing Copeland to a 2 year 6.2 million dollar deal. I love the cheapness of this deal with Copeland. So glad we did not give him 16mil over 4 years.

We now have Paul George, Granger, Copeland, Green, and the Rookie Hill.

Now I can see how signing Copeland to this deal makes it easier to trade Granger. Please whoever we send Granger to please take Green also.

Just a thought here, probably just a dream scenario...but how about sending Granger and his enticing expiring contract with Green and 2 future first round picks and 2 future 2nd rounders also to the celtics for Rajon Rondo and Courtney Lee. This trade actually makes some sense for both sides and works out.
Boston just hired Brad Stevens, and we know Boston is in rebuild mode, and Rondo will not be happy losing guaranteed. It will not be an easy time for Brad Stevens if Rondo is his usual self. The Celtics Can use the 1st round picks in their rebuilding effort along with acquiring a Vet in Granger who can still help them somewhat stay competitive. But this would leave them with 3 first rounders in next years draft (the ones from Brooklyn, Pacers, and their own) plus future 1st rders from Pacers and Nets. This would further and quicken their rebuilding efforts. Celtics would like to trade Courtney Lee and rid his 5 mil a year salary and I feel like with his defensive mentality and hometown ties he would be better coming off the bench for us.

The only problem I have with this trade is Rondo's attitude. Part of our team success was built on chemistry between the players. I feel like if Rondo is how he is perceived to be that it can cause problems within our locker room. But I feel as if West would keep him in line.

I also would not be opposed to a Gerald Green and Miles Plumlee for Courtney Lee Trade. Numbers match up and we rid of green and that plumlee bust and get a guy in Lee who would be a good bench player and defender for us.

Imagine a lineup though with Rondo and Lee

Hill/Stephenson/Lee/Orlando Johnson
George/Copeland/Solomon Hill

Then try and sign a Vet like Elton Brand to come in and backup West or maybe use the mini mid level and sign hansbrough back or something but i feel as if our next need is to acquire a backup PF especially as West gets older he will need to play less minutes.

What do you guys think...Ik some people are going to laugh at my trade for Rondo go ahead and laugh but I just like to speculate even if my hopes are high. But I would not be surprised to see us try for Rondo because Bird has tried in the past and Ainge and Bird are friends so you never know.

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