Why signing Copeland is an awful idea...Because somone on roster is just as good

I am sorry I hate to question Larry Legend but if the rumors are true then I am questioning him. We all obviously know that Pacers have interest in signing Chris Copeland formerly of the Knicks. Chris Copeland is a 6"8 225lb SF. He is a bench player that can come off and give you some quality minutes by knocking down 3's and he will hustle and get some boards. He plays decent defense nothing special (but then again he did play for the knicks, who none of them play defense except Chandler and Shumpert). Anyways he is reportedly looking for a contract that will pay him around 16mil over the span of 4 years. In my opinion for what he brings to the table and for how cap strapped we are this is not worth it. Copeland is 29 years old and will be 30 before this next season ends. that means he will be about 33 years old when his deal expires. He averaged 8.7 ppg in 15.4 minutes through the reg season and in the postseason averaged 4.1 ppg in 10.3 mpg. That type of production is not worth 16mil. Did we not learn our lesson with Gerald Green last year one good season does not warrant a multiyear contract. Now Green and Copeland are 2 different players but you get my point. I do not think copeland would have the failure Green had, I actually think Copeland would be a decent player but my reasoning for not signing Copeland is because a couple reasons.

Reason 1: Their would be a logjam at SF of excessive proportions lol...We already have PG, Granger, Green, The Rookie Hill, (and in my opinion we should look to bring Sam Young back if hes very cheap again like the minimum, because even though he is an awful shooter, He plays good Defense and hustles). That is 4 already under contract and possibly 5 if they bring back young.

We know they are trying to trade Green and I hope they do but obviously he is going to have to be sent in a package.
& if they are truthful when they say they are keeping granger I dont know how green is coming off the books.

Reason 2: Summer League...Hear me out...Christian Watford is basically a Chris Copeland Clone who will come a heck of a lot cheaper than Copeland plus Watford is younger and has ties to the state that will put more buts in the fieldhouse than copeland will.

The Pacers really like him and so does everyone else in the state. The dude is 6"9 232 lbs. He has the size and more ability to play in the post than copeland but watford can also play on the perimeter as he shoots over 40% from the 3 point line throughout his Career at IU. Considering the fact Watford can play both the 3 and 4 positions and the cheapness of his contract he seems like a better option and fit for this team than copeland.

Look at the roster




West/Watford or Plumlee/possibly a Pendergraph or heck even a cheaper Psycho T


Probably a couple of other fillers in their but I see a better fit with Watford because he can knock down 3's and play PF or SF depending on the lineup. Plus Copeland you know what your going to get or hope to get. He will not get any better than what he already is pretty much. Watford is only 22 years old and has some room to grow and improve in my opinion. I still want to see Watford some in the summer league but with what ive been reading Watford has been impressive and someone to keep an eye on in Orlando.

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