A case for trading Danny Granger

Originally I was steadfast in my opposition to trading Danny. The financial realities are pretty plain to see. First, if we want to resign lance and extend PG while staying under the tax we need to drop that money. It's cold that the reality of a small market team that has drafted well are that we can't afford DG at market rate.

Then I got to thinking, "What if we didn't extend Lance." well that's stupid, but what if, "We also traded Lance?" and this got me thinking. What would the possibilities be? What might the market be?

What team would trade for DG33 and Lance Stephenson? What would we have to take back? Why would it be worth it?

First, DG33 is a good/great player with tons of moxy and a good locker attitude. Lance is a wild card that can electrify an arena and change the tide of a game. Both are on expiring contracts and both have something to prove. I would think that Many teams would want that.

Second, What we'd need: A young star player with a manageable contract past the 2014/15 season before we would need to extend them, or let them walk. And an expiring contract for a player who could be dead weight, but it'd be better if they contributed. The young Player would need to be on a contract that looked a lot like what we'd be offing lance next year while the salary this year couldn't exceed the 16 million that we're sending out to avoid the tax in both years.


Washington Wizards: Send us Trevor Ariza and John Wall. Why the Wiz do this? it helps them tank for Andrew Wiggins, it helps them tank while acquiring guys to go around Bradley Beal. On espn they say that with John Wall and Bradley Beal they are a borderline playoff team. Will they ever be better than a borderline playoff team? I don't think so. We might have to throw in additional considerations but you max John Wall, Max PG, and move GH3 to SG. Our starting five would be ridiculous. Our bench would be mostly unchanged instead of having Danny or Lance on the bench we'd have Ariza.

Phoenix: Goran Dragic and Caron Butler. Goran Dragic is a starting point guard in the NBA. Phoenix got Eric Bledsoe, so we'd be helping them clear out the incumbent starter. Caron Butler is still semi effective. We'd be sending them a former allstar, and a potential future all star on again expiring deals. Phoenix will have the cap space to resign both players. DG is an upgrade to CB, and Lance would play well with their young rotation of guards.

Sacramento: John Salmons and Jimmer Ferdette or Demarcus Cousins. John Salmons has a team option for next year which we would not pick up. We get a young player, either a bench scorer or a headcase with a super high ceiling. Maybe if he had to earn his minutes behind veterans with locker guys like DW and Larry Legend around he would straighten up. How Scary would we be with Roy/Demarcus, West/Scola? The Kings would be into this deal to help them get worse now, while picking up the potential to bring back DG who would be closer to home, and Lance who is young.

It works with other teams and other players too, but think about it.

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