Let's talk movies, but first I'm gonna talk.

Hey, Hey Kiddies of the Indy Cornrows (Ain't this just the best blog around) we are well into the dead season of the off-season that is the NBA. In other words, we are all bored out of our minds at the complete and tragic lack of Indiana Pacers basketball news, games, or similarly related activities (I both love and hate activities at the same time!). I felt that I should grace the good people of our personal little Pacers cesspool, a.k.a this blog, with something that interests me, because I'm a bit of a narcissist egoist.

So, Have a seat becaUse This site is now Under my control Pacer fans.


As of 7/21/2013 or 21/7/2013 for our foreign delegates. I bore witness to a little flick called 'Pacific Rim' in Imax 3D, weird thing that 3D making stuff fly at ya and what-not. Anyways, in the movie the these monsters (Kaiju - Japanese for Strange Creature) and these giant robots (Jaegers -German for Hunter) beat the crap out of each other for the viewers entertainment. Now there was something called a 'story' that occurred in between the fighting of the Kaiju and Jagers, much to my dismay.

Story and Actors:

The story was rather bland and predictable, creating scenarios that have been seen/read/heard before. It wasn't bad, it held your interest well enough to get you to the good bits (the fighting). Some of the background, made you wish for more of information though. Perhaps, an origin story could be made to show the early days of the fight. The characters lacked originality or much intrigue, they weren't bad necessarily, certainly watchable, merely something that left more to be desired. I felt all the actors played their roles admirably, perhaps, even to the best extent they could be played.

Idris Elba plays a tough, military guy who seems like a hard-ass but, as we come to find out, has layers like an onion (Shrek reference! Yes, I went there). If only his speech had been longer.

Charlie Hunnham is our main character, he was... well, now that I think about it, he wasn't really much of anything. He wasn't a hothead, cheeky sort of brat, that was Robert Kasinky's character. He had a troubled past, somewhat (I won't go into that, bit of a spoiler), but they didn't bother letting that have any affect on his performance. Hunnham characters was very forgettable, had he not been in damn near every scene, you would have forgotten his character existed.

Rinko Kikuchi plays the love interest, I suppose, to the Hunnham's character and co-pilot eventually. Her and Elba's characters also have a connection, though you don't really care. Forgettable character much like Hunnham's.

Charlie Day plays a fast-talking scientist who studies the kaiju. Outside of Elba, he was probably the most memorable human character in the movie. Wish he had made me laugh more though.

Ron Perlman pops into the show for a bit, not that he needed to though. He played this 'crime lord' who would sell Kaiju body parts, his role in the movie is so superfluous that the only time you find him remotely worthwhile is amidst (SPOILER ALERT!) his death, thoroughly enjoyed that bit I did. Think Del Toro was just paying his boy a little homage really, they had worked together on Hell Boy if you were unaware.

Kaiju and Jaegers:

Well, enough of those blokes, let's get to the real stars of the show, the Kaiju and Jaegers. These guys were monstrously huge and, admittedly, terrifying. They came in a variety of forms that caught the viewers attention and just made you smile and coo, "wow". These guys legitimately messed shit up, wrecking the world right up all nice like. The Jaegers were pretty sweet too, made me think of my power ranger watching days. Ah, memories.


Apparently, she posed nude at some point, but that has no place here. Back to the robots and monsters, the way the robots would move was interesting, people melding minds and what-not. Fight scenes were the greatest thing that I have ever seen ever in the movie theater ever. They didn't suffer from the Transformers glitchy, what the hell is going, fighting. Nay, you could understand the action fully, marveling at every delivered punch, crushing headbutt, or large container ship to the face


(WEEEEEEEEEEE). You could really feel the immense size of the two monstrosities when they fought, they dwarfed everything but skyscrapers, not that those posed any problem for their might. Basically, the fights were perfect cinema.


If they ever make another movie like this, (seems unlikely given it's current box office numbers. Though, Godzilla is coming next summer) I would suggest they either create a much better story or focus way more on the fighting. Actually, you know what, they should just focus on the fighting. Loved me some giant beings fighting one another. Need more of that at the movie theater.

On a scale of 1-5 (1 being the worst and 5 being the best):

I would give Pacific Rim a 4.5 out of 5 stars for being what a summer blockbuster should be and thankfully not being Grown Ups 2. After thinking about the movie for a few more days and stewing on the story, I feel I am required to change my rating to 3.7 out of 5. I can't overlook how bland the story was for the movie. I will still buy it on Blu-ray, but I may just fast forward to the fight scenes.


Let's talk about movies folks, any and all that you desire. Don't even need to be new movies, let's just talk movies to pass the time.

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