Looking ahead

No harm in looking ahead. Not much will happen until training camp unless a trade happens or some other unforeseen happenings. It's just a waiting game now.

So I want to look ahead to the 2014 draft because, why not? In my estimation we'll be draftin between 20 and 30 so I am going to use the latest DX mock draft to evaluate a few prospects.

First I am going to limit this as I estimate that we're going to be looking for a point guard, or a power forward much the same as we allegedly were this year.

In no specific order:

Adriene Payne: 6'9" PF/C Senior - Michigan State - Mobile big man with a good nose for the ball. He has improved year over year in college and seems to play with a ferocity while limiting his fouls. Not a stand out in any one area other that physical characteristics and athleticism he could develop in our system improve his strengths and add to our tough mindset.

Alex Poythress: 6'8" SF/PF Sophomore - Kentucky - Once a highly touted high school prospect his freshman season was so disappointing that he went back to school to redeem himself. Clearly not the focal point at Kentucky last year while struggling to find ways to impact the game. He is a risk/reward prospect at this point. He's a great athlete searching for his game. Could become an athletic scorer and finisher, or a defensive nightmare...He could also wander into the wilderness and never again locate his game. A tweener is also what we just drafted, in a similar range.

Semaj Christon: 6'2" PG Sophomore- Xavier - Long arms 6'6" wingspan low ranked prospect but he is just ebbing with potential to prove to be better than his ranking suggests. Athletic, Long, Good Handles, but he doesn't shoot the ball all that well and could turn it over less.

Cory Jefferson - 6'9" PF Senior - Baylor - Long athletic PF with a good nose for rebounds and put backs. More athletic than skilled he is still working on finding his game. His shot doesn't sound great, and he doesn't sound assertive, but he seems to have the body to do the dirty work if he can gain the skills to do it well.

Khem Birch - 6'9" PF Junior - UNLV - 2.6 blocks a game, and great defensive tools; could be a defensive stud. Needs work to be productive on offense but if he could add something to his game of put backs and basket cuts he could have something.

Dwight Powell - 6'10" PF/C Senior - Stanford - Actually has a game. Is a productive NCAA big man working from the post, isolations, spot ups, and off basket cuts. He can dribble, and has the skills to make a move to compliment his spot up game. A good jump shooter but lacks the ideal efficiency you'd like for a big guy. Lacks focus at times on defense but has the speed and quickness to cover other stretch 4's. Could be a cheap 4 to work behind Chris Copeland for a year and then replace him.

Aaron Craft - 6'2" PG Senior - The Ohio State University - Being a tOSU fan I don't need DX to tell me about Aaron. He is a turrible shooter at this point in his career averaging 30% from range. He is efficient though shooting near 47% overall so there is that. He has nearly identical height to wingspan, but is a terrorizing man to man defender. He works hard even after being beat. and finds ways to be involved. He steals the ball 2.1 times per game. Not an elite athlete but he is a competitor and a defender. Can run the pick and roll effectively. Has good backup potential.

Vasilije Micic - 6'4" PG 19 years old - Mega Vizura??? - "A 6-4 pure point guard with as much creativity and flair as any player you'll find his age on either side of the ocean, Micic took over the game against Team USA. While, not a freakish athlete, he's one of those players who gets anywhere he wants on the floor thanks to a unique combination of terrific ball-handling skills, the ability to play at different speeds and excellent footwork." - DX Not a great defender or scorer it sounds like he can creatively run an offense and works hard despite not being the quickest kid ever. Did I mention he's 6'4"

Those guys are slotted in between 20 and 40 so they could move up and down a year out but could be availible to us.

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