NBA Draft Links: Poor draft grades for Pacers no surprise

Streeter Lecka

Considering where Solomon Hill was rated by most NBA draft gurus, it makes sense they would consider the pick a poor one at No 23.

I had the pleasure of traveling during the NBA draft so while trying to catch up with all of the news surrounding the Pacers selection of Solomon Hill at No. 23, there was no shortage of opinions. Although, the diversity of those opinions surely is lacking.

As you will see in the draft grade links (a useless tradition like no other), the Pacers draft night ranged between a C and F, leaning closer to F. That also makes sense considering the source of most draft grades. For instance, ESPN's Chad Ford had Hill ranked in the 70's as a prospect, so it makes perfect sense that he delivered a D- for the Pacers grade since he thought so lowly of Hill. (BTW, while adjusting to the new face in blue and gold, please excuse any future references to Solomon Jones, as well as any S.Hill, G.Hill mixups).

The Pacers obviously liked what S.Hill has to offer as it relates to their team. The only question I had following the pick was why they didn't trade back, gather another second round pick or cash or something and then take Hill in the second round. Kevin Pritchard answered that question, essentially say they wanted Hill more than they wanted to risk moving back and missing out on him.

"We had multiple, multiple calls immediately trying to trade for the kid so I think that answered that question," sad Pritchard. "You can't get caught up into the mock drafts. There's the mock drafts, and there's reality. You saw it tonight. Everybody thought (Nerlens) Noel was going No. 1 and it went a little different."

I kind of view this pick, like the Colts taking Dwight Freeney several years ago. Freeney wasn't rated that high but fit the system for the Colts perfectly. That's a bit of a stretch for Hill, but for a team that needs help off the bench, the Pacers his effort, smarts and talent will help in a reserve role.

Unlike the grades, we have to actually wait to see if Hill will actually help or not.

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