A look at draft experts and their opinions on current Pacers

I was intrigued by all the debate over the selection of Solomon Hill. Many claiming he was a huge reach. And that may be, but let's look at what the experts, specifically Chad Ford (who ranked Hill #79), have said about current Pacer players. These were written on each site's Draft Grades for their respective year.

DE = Draft Express,

CF = Chad Ford,


DE: Taking Hibbert over Kosta Koufos is another one we’ll have to wait and see on.

NDN: Taking Hibbert at 17 was also a mistake as he's limited athletically, and will be nothing more than a solid center. While these picks might look solid in a year, they likely won't appear so solid in 4-5 years when other players they could have taken (like Bayless and McGee) potentially become standouts.

CF: {George} Hill is a nice player, but I don't believe he's a better point guard than Mario Chalmers.

NDN: Hill was a bit of a reach at 26, and they may be second guessed for passing on Mario Chalmers.

DE: San Antonio was very likely blindsided after being caught by the Rockets with their hand in the cookie jar trying to steal Nicolas Batum from the rest of the league, so much that they seem to have reached for George Hill, who they almost certainly could have had in the early second round. Hill’s numbers are off the charts and he did play extremely well at the Orlando pre-draft camp, but learning how to play the point guard position is not going to be the easiest task in the world for him.

CF on David West: Not a bad pick. He's kind of a shorter version of P.J. Brown. But why not take a flier here on Brian Cook? Cook is taller, a more well-rounded player, and could help stretch defenses with his perimeter skills. West will be a solid player. But at No. 18 you could get so much more.

DE: Some of the worst teams in the East just made sure that they will be much worse than the Boston Celtics for years to come. The Celtics somehow got Gerald Green to fall right into their laps at 18, and will now use their experience in developing high school talent to mold him into a star player with a chip on his shoulder to go and punish those that passed on him night in and night out. Green really couldn’t have found himself in a better situation, he’ll be playing for a young, but successful organization with a clear direction and vision, and a stable front office. If that wasn’t enough, the Celtics may have made two of the best picks in the 2nd round as well, nabbing one college superstar in Ryan Gomes who is smart, fundamentally sound and really knows how to play the game; and another stud with a huge upside in the athletic 6-5 pure PG and shut down defender Orien Greene. Greene was never even mentioned as a draft prospect by anyone outside of DraftExpress, but will still almost certainly make the roster and has a great chance of being a steal for the Celtics in the 2nd round.

CF: Danny Ainge pulled off one of the best drafts of 2004, but he topped himself this year -- and he got two guys named Green/Greene to boot. Gerald Green should have been a top six pick in the draft based on his talent and potential. Al Jefferson from last year's draft and Green from this year's draft could be superstars down the road.

CF: I'm a D.J. Augustin admirer, and I think he'll be an improvement over Raymond Felton eventually.

I find most of this analysis humorous. Because no one, not even the experts, knows how a player will turn out. Granted, their assessments on Granger, George, and even Stephenson were on the nose (which you can look up, I was emphasizing inaccurate analysis here) but more often that not, they have no idea what will happen. I would hate for this fan base to be a slave to the rankings, and would hope everyone take the time to research the player. Look at his draft interviews, highlights, and read what the Pacers liked about him and it seems less like a stretch to be sure.

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