Pacers 23rd Pick Tournament Semifinals: Erick Green vs. Dennis Schroeder

Will Erick Green upset Dennis Schroeder and advance on to the finals tomorrow? - USA TODAY Sports

In this matchup for a chance to advance on to the finals, we have two point guards squaring off. Erick Green of Virginia Tech and the German phenom, Dennis Schroeder are the two combatants. Who will win this matchup and advance on to the finals tomorrow?

This matchup of point guards, who have opposite strengths, should be a great one in the poll to see who moves on to the finals tomorrow. Indiana desperately needs a backup point guard behind George Hill for next season. Both Erick Green of Virginia Tech and Dennis Schroeder of Germany would be major upgrades over D.J. Augustin next season. If the Jimmer Fredette trade does not happen and Indiana is picking at 23, then I would be ecstatic with either one of these prospects. Who will win this point guard battle?

Below are the usual breakdowns of both prospects from ESPN's Chad Ford and SB Nation partner, Draft Express. If you want to learn more about Green and Schroeder, pay attention to the details provided on them.

Erick Green

  • Athletic combo guard
  • Can really score the basketball
  • Good shooter with 3-point range
  • Is excellent in transition
  • Quick first step
  • Is he a tweener?
  • More of a scorer than a PG
  • Needs to add strength

Dennis Schroeder

  • Super quick guard
  • Great speed in the open court
  • Huge wingspan for a PG
  • Excellent ball handler
  • Lethal penetrator
  • Aggressive attacking the basket
  • Solid passer off penetration
  • Needs to add strength
  • Basketball IQ could use improvement
  • More of a scoring than passing PG

Green or Schroeder, as mentioned, would be big upgrades at what is currently at point guard on Indiana's roster. As Kyle Nelson of Draft Express said on 1070 The Fan this morning, Indiana is very enamored with Shane Larkin, Giannis Adetokunbo, and Schroeder. That is why Indiana is desperately trying to trade the pick for a player like Jimmer. After talking to some veteran NBA scouts about both Green and Schroeder, some compared Green to a poor man's version of Russell Westbrook, while most compared Schroeder to a Rajon Rondo type.

After all the analysis from ESPN's Chad Ford and Draft Express, who will advance on to the finals? Will it be Erick Green or Dennis Schroeder receiving your vote to move on in the Indy Cornrows 23rd Pick Tournament?

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