Ford 6.0

1 Nerlens Noel Cleveland Cavaliers COLLEGE: Kentucky AGE: 18 HT: 7-0 WT: 206 POS: C

Analysis: Yes, for the sixth straight mock draft, I have Noel at No. 1 despite a consensus among NBA bloggers that Maryland's Alex Len is going to be the top pick. I wrote a long post on TrueHoop Monday night on why I think the Cavs are leaning toward Noel. Here's the short version: While I think Len and Anthony Bennett also are in play for the top pick, Noel appears to be a better fit with the criteria the Cavs are using this year and have used in the past for the lottery. The team itself has remained tight-lipped -- in part because a number of different trade scenarios it is exploring could alter the composition of the Cavs -- but I think it's going to be Noel.

2 Victor Oladipo Orlando Magic COLLEGE: Indiana AGE: 20 HT: 6-4 WT: 213 POS: SG

Analysis: If the Cavs pass on Noel, the Magic are leaning strongly toward selecting him with the No. 2 pick. If Noel is off the board? Things get a little tougher. The Magic have explored a number of trade options, and if nothing can be worked out, it appears they are eyeing Oladipo over Ben McLemore. While McLemore is a stronger offensive player, Oladipo's defense and crazy motor hold a strong appeal for the Magic. Cody Zeller is a dark horse at No. 2.

3 Otto Porter Washington Wizards COLLEGE: Georgetown AGE: 20 HT: 6-9 WT: 198 POS: SF

Analysis: With so much up in the air in this draft, Porter to the Wizards at No. 3 remains a constant. He's appeared here in every mock and I think it's unlikely we move him. While the Wizards have a lot of interest in Anthony Bennett, sources say they are now leaning toward taking Porter at No. 3. He fits a need, fits their culture and, like Oladipo, is viewed as a sure thing by many NBA GMs and scouts.

4 Alex Len Charlotte Bobcats COLLEGE: Maryland AGE: 19 HT: 7-1 WT: 225 POS: C

Analysis:There is essentially zero information coming out of Charlotte right now. That's how the Bobcats like it. Even Michael Kidd-Gilchrist didn't know he was going to the Bobcats until they called his name on draft night. We appear to be in a similar situation here. Len, Bennett and McLemore are the three most obvious fits. While there seems to be some movement toward Len, this one is more of a guess. Indiana's Cody Zeller also has fans in Charlotte, too.

5 Ben McLemore Phoenix Suns COLLEGE: Kansas AGE: 20 HT: 6-5 WT: 189 POS: SG

Analysis: I'm struggling with where to place McLemore. He's struggled in workouts in Cleveland, Orlando and Phoenix. Everyone loves the talent, but teams are clearly wary of him and the workouts have given pause. I know the Suns would prefer Oladipo, and sources say there's strong support in the front office for Syracuse's Michael Carter-Williams and Indiana's Zeller, as well. We're keeping McLemore here at No. 5, but I wouldn't be shocked if he ends up going a few spots lower in Mock 7.0 on Thursday.

6 Trey Burke New Orleans Pelicans COLLEGE: Michigan AGE: 20 HT: 6-1 WT: 187 POS: PG

Analysis: Here's where things really get tricky. If Porter or Len still are here at No. 6, I believe the Pelicans will draft either one of them. If both players are off the board, the team has to move onto Plan B. While Bennett might be tempting, the Pelicans do need depth at the point guard position and will struggle to let Burke slide. Michael Carter-Williams also could be in the mix here.

7 C.J. McCollum Sacramento Kings COLLEGE: Lehigh AGE: 21 HT: 6-3 WT: 197 POS: PG

Analysis: The Kings continue to be all over the place. Every day a new prospect; this reflects a young front office, an inexperienced head coach and owner and very little time to prep for the draft. McCollum, Bennett, Shabazz Muhammad, Steven Adams are all possibilities here. Ditto for Carter-Williams. However, after his second workout there, McCollum's name is beginning to surface as a potential selection. The Kings also are exploring trades right now. Two sources told that they're using Jimmer Fredette as trade bait to pick up another first-round pick in the mid- to late first round so they can grab either Tim Hardaway Jr. or Tony Snell. The Jazz, in particular, have been looking to move up and like McCollum, so that's one plausible scenario.

8 Anthony Bennett Detroit Pistons COLLEGE: UNLV AGE: 20 HT: 6-8 WT: 240 POS: PF

Analysis: If Bennett slides to No. 8, Pistons GM Joe Dumars will be grinning ear to ear. For the last three years one of the top-ranked players in the draft has slid to the Pistons. In 2010 it was Greg Monroe. In 2011 it was Brandon Knight. In 2012 it was Andre Drummond. If Bennett is there, the Pistons would grab him. He can play both the three and the four, can both stretch the floor and play in the post. The Pistons have other needs, including point guard, but Bennett is too much of a talent to pass up. Burke and Carter-Williams are the other two possibilities in Detroit.

9 Kentavious Caldwell-Pope Minnesota Timberwolves COLLEGE: Georgia AGE: 20 HT: 6-6 WT: 204 POS: SG

Analysis: There seem to be three constants in our mock drafts: Noel at No. 1, Porter at No. 3 and Caldwell-Pope at No. 9. He's been up here for the last three mocks and makes the cut here, as well. While the T-Wolves have interest in other players (Zeller has his fans in Minnesota), Caldwell-Pope has been a favorite of Flip Saunders. The only way this pick probably doesn't happen? If Minnesota finds a way to package the No. 9, No. 26 and maybe Derrick Williams to move up, then they'll grab Victor Oladipo.

10 Michael Carter-Williams Portland Trail Blazers COLLEGE: Syracuse AGE: 21 HT: 6-6 WT: 184 POS: PG

Analysis: The Blazers drafted a point guard last year, but they wouldn't hesitate to do it again if Carter-Williams slides. They'd prefer McCollum or Caldwell-Pope, but Carter-Williams would do. He has great size for his position, which should allow the Blazers to play both him and Lillard on the floor together. Zeller and Steven Adams are also possibilities here.

11 Cody Zeller Philadelphia 76ers COLLEGE: Indiana AGE: 20 HT: 7-0 WT: 230 POS: C

Analysis: Zeller is the fourth constant on this mock. He's appeared at this spot on all six versions. Why? The 76ers need size and athleticsm in their front court and Zeller provides both. I'm told Sergey Karasev, Kelly Olynyk and Mason Plumlee are options here but probably only if Zeller is off the board.

12 Steven Adams Oklahoma City Thunder via Toronto Raptors COLLEGE: Pittsburgh AGE: 19 HT: 7-0 WT: 255 POS: C

Analysis: Adams has also sat at this spot since the NBA Draft Combine. The Thunder are another team that are notoriously tight lipped, but what little information I can get have Adams, Karasev and Olynyk on their board here. Adams has the most upside so he's at 12, though I wouldn't be shocked if either Karasev or Olynyk went here.

13 Sergey Karasev Dallas Mavericks COUNTRY: Russia AGE: 19 HT: 6-7 WT: 197 POS: SF

Analysis: The Mavericks continue to lean heavily toward trading the pick (if they haven't already). According to various reports, one scenario floating around have them swapping picks with the Cavs. If that happens, it's almost certainly to be for Karasev. There are several other teams who are after Karasev including the Bucks, Hawks and Nets, and they could be great trade partners. If the Mavericks keep the pick, Carter-Williams and Dennis Schroeder also would be possibilities here.

14 Lucas Nogueira Utah Jazz COUNTRY: Brazil AGE: 20 HT: 6-11 WT: 218 POS: C

Analysis: Not much has changed here since the last mock. If McCollum, Burke or Carter-Williams (probably in that order) are on the board, the Jazz go point guard. If they're gone? The team isn't in love with any of the point guards left on the board. They also need bigs (both Al Jefferson and Paul Millsap are free agents this summer) and it looks like they're open to using the draft to help address that need as well. Nogueira isn't the only guy they'll look at here. Olynyk and Plumlee also have a shot. But I think Nogueria is the most intriguing of the group.

15 Shane Larkin Milwaukee Bucks COLLEGE: Miami AGE: 20 HT: 6-0 WT: 171 POS: PG

Analysis: If the draft plays out this way, the Bucks are looking at three names -- Larkin, Schroeder or Glen Rice Jr., who's coming in for a second workout on Tuesday. It's hard to say which way the Bucks are leaning, but it looks like Larkin has the slight edge.

16 Dennis Schroeder Boston Celtics COUNTRY: Germany AGE: 19 HT: 6-2 WT: 165 POS: PG

Analysis: The Celtics are in the process of blowing up the team which makes it even harder to project what they are doing. Four names to keep an eye on here: Adams, Schroeder, Larkin or Olynyk. If the Celtics can convince Schroeder to stay overseas one more year (thus getting him off their cap and letting him develop) he's probably the guy.

17 Giannis Antetokounmpo Atlanta Hawks via Houston Rockets COUNTRY: Greece AGE: 18 HT: 6-9 WT: 215 POS: SF

Analysis: I continue to hear Antetokounmpo's name here. The Hawks can stash him overseas, let him develop and in a few years, he could either be the steal of the draft. Or we'll all forget they drafted him. Either scenario probably works for Atlanta.

18 Shabazz Muhammad Atlanta Hawks COLLEGE: UCLA AGE: 20 HT: 6-6 WT: 222 POS: SF

Analysis: There's a point where a player's reward outweighs the risk. I'm not sure where Muhammad's floor is, but it has to be pretty close. Yes, there are flaws in his game, but at some point you can't ignore his scoring abilities. Olynyk, San Diego State's Jamaal Franklin and Michigan's Tim Hardaway Jr. also are possibilities.

19 Reggie Bullock Cleveland Cavaliers via Los Angeles Lakers COLLEGE: North Carolina AGE: 22 HT: 6-7 WT: 200 POS: SF

Analysis: If the Cavs grab Noel at No. 1, look for them to add a small forward or shooter with the second first-round pick. They would love to get their hands on Karasev if they could; they are trying to move up higher in the draft to grab him. Moving to No. 13 seems to be the consensus of where they need to get to, and it looks like they are willing to eat Shawn Marion's salary for a year to get there in a trade with Dallas. If they can't get to No. 13, Bullock is another shooter they really are high on. Bullock shot 44 percent from 3-point range this season and has the size to play both wing positions.

20 Mason Plumlee Chicago Bulls COLLEGE: Duke AGE: 23 HT: 6-10 WT: 238 POS: PF

Analysis: Every mock draft we alternate between a big and wing for the Bulls. The Bulls need both. Plumlee is an interesting case. Lots of teams like him, few love him. But I think it would be hard for the Bulls to pass on Plumlee's value at No. 20. Tim Hardaway Jr. and Jamaal Franklin are other possibilities.

21 Isaiah Canaan Utah Jazz via Golden State Warriors SCHOOL: Murray State AGE: 22 HT: 6-0 WT: 188 POS: PG

Analysis: If the Jazz pass on a point guard at No. 14, they have to be content with what's left at No. 21. In this mock draft, both Schroeder and Larkin are off the board already. But that's OK. I think they like Canaan just as much as those other guards. While he's not quite McCollum, but Canaan's another dynamic scorer who can shoot and get to the basket. Nogueria and Rudy Gobert are also potential picks here if the Jazz go with a point guard at No. 14.

22 Kelly Olynyk Brooklyn Nets COLLEGE: Gonzaga AGE: 22 HT: 7-0 WT: 234 POS: PF

Analysis: Olynyk might have one of the largest ranges of anyone in the draft. He'll get looks as high as No. 11 to the Sixers and No. 12 to the Thunder, but he also could work his way down here. Gorgui Dieng and Tony Snell are other options for the Nets at 22.

23 Jamaal Franklin Indiana Pacers COLLEGE: San Diego St. AGE: 21 HT: 6-5 WT: 191 POS: SG

Analysis: The Pacers are looking at point guards and bigs, but something tells me if Franklin is on the board at No. 23, they'll have a hard time saying no. He's not the shooter they covet, but he's versatile, tough and is a bit like a smaller Kawhi Leonard. I wouldn't be surprised if the Pacers move this pick. They also have some interest in the Kings' offer of Jimmer Fredette for a first-round pick.

24 Tony Mitchell New York Knicks SCHOOL: North Texas AGE: 21 HT: 6-8 WT: 220 POS: SF

Analysis: Mitchell's been at this spot for three mocks and I continue to hear the Knicks like him. He has all the physical tools to succeed in the NBA. Strengh, length, elite athletic ability. And the Knicks really need help on the front line.The Knicks also like Franklin, and South Dakota State's Nate Wolters is a sleeper here.

25 Tim Hardaway Jr. Los Angeles Clippers COLLEGE: Michigan AGE: 21 HT: 6-6 WT: 199 POS: SG

Analysis: The Clippers are going for it and are going to need all the help they can get. That might force them to take a veteran guard who can give them shooting and minutes. Hardaway is a coach's favorite, and I could see the Clippers thinking he'd make a great fit at No. 25.

26 Gorgui Dieng Minnesota Timberwolves via Memphis Grizzlies COLLEGE: Louisville AGE: 23 HT: 6-11 WT: 230 POS: C

Analysis: Dieng has slid in the draft thanks to concerns about his knees, but a number of teams in the 20s still are willing to take the risk. With the T-Wolves in serious talks to swap this pick for the Nets' MarShon Brooks, I could see the Nets grabbing another big to fill out their front line.

27 Allen Crabbe Denver Nuggets COLLEGE: Cal AGE: 21 HT: 6-6 WT: 197 POS: SG

Analysis: The Nuggets are in danger of losing Iguodala this summer after he opted to become a free agent. What they really need is a shooter. Crabbe seems like a great fit for this team. Ricky Ledo is another possibility here as is Tony Snell.

28 Rudy Gobert San Antonio Spurs COUNTRY: France AGE: 20 HT: 7-2 WT: 238 POS: PF

Analysis: The Spurs need size and have never shied away from taking international players. What Gobert lacks in athletic ability he makes up with extreme length for his position. The Spurs also can stash him overseas if they need the cash.

29 Ricky Ledo Oklahoma City Thunder COLLEGE: Providence AGE: 23 HT: 6-6 WT: 197 POS: SG

Analysis: This might be a bit of a reach. But the Thunder have been looking for an elite shooting guard, and Ledo is as talented as several players in the lottery. He has lots of off-the-court issues, but the Thunder might try to rehabilitate him in their excellent D-League franchise.

30 Tony Snell Phoenix Suns via Miami Heat COLLEGE: New Mexico AGE: 21 HT: 6-7 WT: 198 POS: SG

Analysis: The Suns can go a lot of different directions here, but adding one shooter in McLemore might not be enough. Snell has great length for his position and could give the Suns two athletic shooters on the wing

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